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Exhibitions and displays

Birds: Brilliant and Bizarre

Unravel the epic story of birds, from surviving a mass extinction event to inhabiting every continent on Earth. Discover the secrets to their success and their surprising and often shocking tactics for survival.

Open now

Nature in Focus

This year we’re celebrating the sixtieth anniversary of our world-renowned Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition.

In this free display, we take a look at the role photography has played in advancing the science of natural history. 

Open now

The River

A unique sound installation by Jana Winderen in collaboration with Tony Myatt.

The River explores the beauty and importance of underwater sound and how human-made noises can contribute to sound pollution in our waters.

Open 26 July 

Summer holidays 

Summer Family Activities

Explore our new gardens and take part in our fun family activities during the summer holidays.

Throughout the summer holidays we’re running a whole bunch of family activities from pond dipping to nature-themed arts and crafts. 

27 July – 1 September



Free events

Women in Science Tour

Take a guided tour of the first floor Hintze Hall balconies and the Minerals gallery, and hear the gripping histories of several women scientists across history including some who've worked at the Museum. 

Various dates and times

Free, tickets recommended

Women in Science Tour: Space

Discover the fascinating work of women scientists who have focused on space, meteorites and planetary materials. Encounter numerous treasures such as meteorites and learn more our cutting-edge science.

Various dates and times

Free, tickets recommended

Women in Science Tour: Palaeontology

Discover the fascinating work of female palaeontologists, where you'll encounter numerous treasures and develop your understanding of fossils and ancient life.

Various dates and times

Free, walk-ups accepted subject to capacity

Women in Science Tour: Fashion

Join us to explore the relationship between fashion and the natural world and discover the female scientists and activists whose work has shaped our understanding.

Various dates and times

Free, walk-ups accepted subject to capacity

Women in Science Tour: Women of Colour

Come and hear about wonderful female scientists of colour. Learn about their inspirational work and how they contributed to our understanding of life on Earth and beyond.

Various dates and times

Free, walk-ups accepted subject to capacity

Women in Science Tour: Birds and Dinosaurs

Explore the link between birds and dinosaurs and learn about the female scientists and artists who study them. Join us and hear the fascinating stories of the women working in this area of science, art and advocacy.

Various dates and times

Free, walk-ups accepted subject to capacity

Women in Science Tour: Lucky Dip

Chance your luck with our Women in Science Tour lucky dip! Come along, draw out a topic at random and we’ll take you on a fascinating tour to tell you all about it and an extraordinary female scientist working in that area.

Various dates and times

Free, walk-ups accepted subject to capacity

Recording Urban Nature Course

Join us to celebrate the launch of our Introduction to Urban Biological Recording Guide and learn how to make records of the wildlife around you. Explore our new gardens with us and record the plants and animals that call it home.

Friday 19 July



Quieter visits

Dawnosaurs: Relaxed Morning Visit

Enjoy an early morning visit free from the hustle and bustle of the public. With access to a wide range of galleries and activities, supported by experienced, autism-aware facilitators.

Various dates


Free, tickets required

Accessible Morning Visits to Birds: Brilliant and Bizarre

Get to know our beaked buddies better away from our busy daytime crowds at one of our accessible morning visits designed specifically for our disabled and neurodiverse visitors.

10.00–11.00 every third Wednesday and Saturday

Disabled adult: £13.20
Disabled child: £7.95
Companion ticket: Free

Audio Described Tour of Birds: Brilliant and Bizarre

Join us for a special audio-described tour for blind and partially sighted visitors of our exhibition Birds: Brilliant and Bizarre.

Various dates


Disabled adult: £13.20
Disabled child: £7.95
Companion ticket: Free

Guided tours

Secrets of the Natural History Museum Tour

Adorned with imposing gargoyles, intricate carvings and high, decorative ceilings. Join us for a special tour as we look at the fascinating stories hidden within the architecture of our iconic building.

Various dates and times

Adult: £15, Member: £12
Child: £12, Member: £9.60

Museum Highlights Tour

Join us for an hour-long tour of our most iconic specimens, from the world’s most complete fossil stegosaur, to the largest blue topaz gemstone of its kind and an infamous gorilla, don’t miss your chance to get to know our best of the best. 

Various dates and times

Adult: £15, Member: £12
Child: £12, Member: £9.60

Science of the Natural History Museum Tour

We care about protecting the planet and encouraging others to do the same. Join us on this tour to discover the work we do, from advocacy and outreach to identifying new species and protecting the collections we care for.

Various dates and times 

Adult: £20, Member: £16
Child: £16, Member: £12.80

Birds: Brilliant and Bizarre Tour

See birds in a new light on our revealing tour as you explore the shocking and spectacular tactics our feathered friends use to survive.

Various dates


Adult: £25, Member: £22.50
Child: £17, Member: £15.30

Ticket price includes exhibition entry.

Gardens Tour: Journey Through Time and Nature

Join us on an immersive tour of our new gardens and step into a world where nature, past and present intertwines.

Various dates

10.00–11.00, 13.00–14.00 and 15.00–16.00

Adult: £18, Member: £12
Child: £15, Member: £10

Out of Hours Dino Tours

Journey through time and get up close and personal with all the main characters in our world-famous Dinosaurs gallery before it opens to the public on one of our special guided tours.

Various dates


Adult: £25, Member: £22.50
Child: £17, Member: £15.30

Behind the Scenes Tour: Spirit Collection

Go behind the scenes for a look at our fascinating zoology collection preserved in spirit. You'll encounter numerous treasures hidden among the 22 million animal specimens housed here. 

Various dates and times

Adult: £25, Child: £25, Member: £20

Paid events

Gardens Evening View and Silent Disco

Join us for an evening view of our newly transformed gardens followed by a silent disco in our iconic Hintze Hall.

Thursday 25 July 


Non-member gardens and silent disco: £45 
Member gardens and silent disco: £40.50

Wild Life Drawing Workshop

Embark on a botanical journey and discover the different plants growing in our new gardens and how to capture them in your artwork with sketching experts Wild Life Drawing.

26 July and 30 August


Adult: £45, Child: £45, Member: £40.50

Jurassic Encounters: Animal Show

Take a Jurassic jump back in time and meet the modern-day relatives of the animals that lived alongside dinosaurs in this fantastic animal handling show.

29 July, 5 August and 12 August

11.00–11.45, 12.00–12.45 and 13.00–13.45

Adult: £8, Child: £8, Member: £7.20

Adventure Babies

Join us at the Museum with your baby for a sensory storytelling class brought to you by award-winning Adventure Babies.

Various dates and times

£20 for an adult-child duo

Embroidery Workshop

Take inspiration from our galleries and discover the beautiful art of embroidery with London’s premier embroidery house Hand & Lock.

Friday 4 October, 10.00–16.00
Saturday 30 November, 18.30–21.00

Full day
Adult: £180, Member: £162

Adult: £110, Member: £99 

Naturally Curious

Learn about cutting-edge scientific research from our leading experts with a new series of on-demand courses designed for anyone interested in the natural world, regardless of skill level. 

Each course is available for £49.99

Yoga at the Museum

Find your zen at the Museum with a unique series of invigorating yoga classes for a variety of experience levels hosted in collaboration with East of Eden.

Various dates


Adult: £35
Member: £31.50 

Silent Disco

Make waves on the dance floor and curate the soundtrack to your night. Choose your side as three DJs do battle over separate wireless channels, playing the very best of new and old.

Various dates


Adult: £35
Member: £31.50

T. Rex show with Teach Rex

Calling all dinosaur fans! Join us at our T. Rex show with Teach Rex. They use life-like dinosaurs to perform their show about the life of Tyrannosaurus rex, one the most amazing creatures to have roamed our planet.

Various dates and times

Adult: £12 Child: £12 
Member: £10.80

Crochet at the Museum with TOFT

Crochet a special edition Natural History Museum creation at our TOFT crochet workshop, with TOFT’s pure wool, ergonomic tools and expert instruction.

Various dates


Adult: £80, Member: £72

Dig Deeper

Delve into our pioneering projects and find out more about our collections as we celebrate and showcase the world-leading scientific research we carry out here at the Museum.

Wednesday 25 September


Member: £15, Non-member: £25
Member and Supporters: Free, Non-Member: £5

Dino Snores

Families with children 7-11

Dino Snores for Kids

Our sleepover for kids aged 7-11 gives budding natural history bods the chance to discover the Museum after dark and get involved in fun educational activities.

Various dates.

Adult: £80, Child: £80, Member: £72

Over 18s

Dino Snores for Grown-ups

Come to a sleepover for grown-ups at one of London's most famous buildings and enjoy a night at the Museum featuring great entertainment, food and drink.

Various dates

Adult: £220, Member: £198

Families with children 7-17

Dino Snores for Kids: Birds Special

Our Dino Snores for Kids special is back and we’re celebrating birds! Soar through the night with a jam-packed event all about our feathered friends.

Saturday 5 October to Sunday 6 October

Adult: £100, Member: £90

Member events

These events are part of a series of unique talks, tours and viewings for our members, Patrons, Supporters and Corporate members only.

Members enjoy free entry to all exhibitions without needing to book, priority access and exclusive events.

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