A Learning Volunteer sharing a specimen with the public

Get involved in a range of exciting opportunities as a volunteer. Volunteers are vital in supporting the Museum’s work.

More than 500 people donate their time to engage visitors in our galleries and support our scientists and collections behind the scenes.

Our volunteering, internship and work experience programmes are designed to inspire and benefit those taking part as much as they support the Museum. All opportunities have flexible commitment requirements and aim to provide a rewarding and enriching experience for all.

Short-term volunteering

Ideally suited to those who are unable to offer their time on a regular basis. These opportunities may be as short as one day or span a few weeks.

Medium-term volunteering

For those looking to become involved in more established programmes or projects. This commitment may last for one to three months.

Long-term volunteering

Most suited to those looking to volunteer on an ongoing basis. This commitment is measured in months or years, usually on a one day per week basis.

How your support helps

‘The Museum offers a unique opportunity for volunteers to make a lasting contribution to the work of a national scientific institution. We have a rich history of engaging volunteers in our research and collections that dates back to our early history.’

Professor Ian Owens, Director of Science

Newsletter archive

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