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For over 25 years, we've delivered stand-out technical solutions to complex commercial challenges.

Our academic consultancy comprises of leading specialists, extensive collections, and world-class laboratory facilities.

The Museum delivers a range of consultancy services which can help you to make the most of your next project. Find out about the services we offer below.

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Molecular diagnostics

Find out more about how the Museum's experts can support projects from environmental monitoring to disease identification. 

Mining consulting

The Museum is a recognised centre of excellence in mineral deposit research, with over twenty-five years’ experience, and in-house analytical facilities.

Space sciences

Our world-renowned Mineral and Planetary Science division is supported by one of the finest meteorite collections featuring specimens from the Moon and Mars.

Analytical imaging and DNA sequencing

Our purpose-built laboratories can prepare, analyse and interpret a broad spectrum of biological, mineralogical and material specimens.

Environmental assessment

We offer worldwide services for environmental, ecological and biodiversity assessments, as well as monitoring, conservation advice, and expert witnessing.

Identification and advisory service

Our researchers and curators can offer identifications and expert advice on various fields including entomology, zoology, mineralogy and molecular biology.

Collections management consulting

The Museum is a world-leader in the curation of large and diverse collections – our own catalogue now stands at over 80 million specimens collected over centuries.

Forensic consulting

We are experienced in dealing with forensic evidence, and have world-class laboratories, analytical instruments, reference material and collections.

Micropalaeontology consulting

We help identify fossils, provide geo-archaeological consultancy and do bio-stratigraphic analysis for a broad range of organisations and industries.


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