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We offer a gold-standard service in identification and verification of biological samples on species, population and individual levels.

Our state-of-the-art facilities and in-house experts can provide a bespoke service for your research, training and consultancy needs.

The potential commercial applications of this field range across a number of industries including disease identification, bioterrorism detection, aviation industries, environmental monitoring, forensic wildlife and bioinformatics.

Our team are available for contract work as well as a full consultancy service including experimental design and technical capabilities. Contact us to discuss how we can help with your next project.    

Our services and specialisms:

  • We offer PCR optimisation and troubleshooting as well as a PCR set-up service. Museum experts can run your initial samples, enabling you to trial the workstation. Training can also be provided for regular users.
  • We can help with quantitative PCR including genotyping, comparative expression, absolute quantification and SNP analysis.
  • Our nucleic acid extraction services offer both DNA and RNA extraction in dedicated labs for botanical, entomological, zoological and ancient or environmental samples.
  • We have facilities for cloning and genetic manipulation and library construction.
  • We offer bespoke services for Sanger, Next generation and third generation sequencing including sample preparation from a wide diversity of samples and sample types, museum collections through to diagnistics; de novo genome sequencing; SNP analysis and Transcriptomics/RNAseq.
  • We have well equipped, specialist BSCL2 clean facilities for diagnostics and wider applications.
  • We offer bioinformatic services as well as a local HPC.
  • Our lab team has a comprehensive variety of expertise and we are happy to offer training and teaching across all these areas.


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