The Natural History Museum in Hertfordshire

Tring's specimens on display

Museum map

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Gallery 1

Meet the multicoloured mandrill, look a polar bear in the eye, and study birds from Antarctica to the tropics - all displayed in original Victorian glass cabinets.

Gallery 2

Discover more stories from the natural world in our temporary exhibition space.

Gallery 3

An elephant and rhinos are surrounded by marine animals and insects in this gallery, including an anglerfish, a spider crab, a crocodile and a tiger shark.

Gallery 4

Explore a collection of odd-hoofed mammals - horses, zebras, three-toed tapirs, rhinoceroses and the extinct quagga.

Gallery 5

See deer, antelope and marine mammals from around the world, and learn about the rarely seen okapi and saiga, and interesting members of the pig family.

Gallery 6

Home to kangaroos and cassowaries that were part of Rothschild's live menagerie, the extinct Tasmanian tiger, reptiles, amphibians, and historic domestic dogs.

Rothschild room

The story of one man's passion that created this Museum. Explore interactive maps, Rothschild's favourite birds and a life-size replica of his giant tortoise.