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T rex: The Killer Question exhibition

The Museum has been touring groundbreaking exhibitions since 1990. Our world-renowned exhibitions are seen by millions of visitors all over the world.

We tour an array of exhibitions including the crowd-pleasing Dino Jaws, the prestigious Wildlife Photographer of the Year, and the specimen-rich Jurassic Oceans: Monsters of the Deep.

As a centre for scientific excellence, the Museum draws on the expertise of its 300 scientists when crafting exhibitions.

The Natural History Museum's famous Diplodocus is travelling around the UK - find out about Dippy on tour.

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Jurassic Oceans: Monsters of the Deep

Embark on a journey beneath the waves to discover the fascinating and strange creatures of the Jurassic seas.

Treasures of the Natural World

This new exhibition showcases many treasures from the Museum's collection, carefully selected for their scientific, historical and cultural importance.

Wildlife Photographer of the Year

Suitable for all ages, this spectacular wildlife photography exhibition celebrates the drama and splendour of the natural world. 

T. rex: The Killer Question

This 3D blockbuster exhibition features terrifying animatronic and static models, as well as fossils, casts and graphical displays.

Dino Jaws

Immerse your audience in the world of dinosaurs. Visitors have to dig for fossils, rummage through dinosaur dung and find out what T. rex had for dinner.

Dinosaur Encounter

Dinosaur Encounter is a flexible exhibition featuring animatronic dinosaur models that can be incorporated into a bespoke dinosaur-themed event.

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About touring exhibitions and the team

Each year, our world-renowned displays are seen by millions of visitors all over the world. Learn about the history of touring exhibitions and our team.

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