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Your support makes a huge difference. 

The Natural History Museum is a charity and relies on your support. No matter the size, every gift to the Museum is critical to our work in protecting the natural world.

The Museum's role now is more important than ever. Our scientists are unlocking answers to big issues facing humanity and the planet, and together, we can tackle these challenges.

Why donate?

  • We tackle fundamental questions for science and society. Help us lead the world in exploring evolution - its past, present and future.

  • Play your part in our vital research into climate change and biodiversity loss, helping us ensure the survival of our planet.

  • Support our innovative learning and outreach programmes to make natural science a part of everyone's lives, inspiring better choices for our planet.

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£5 could help us digitise a specimen for climate research

£10 could help us freeze a bee for our collections

£20 could help us do a Red List assessment for a threatened species

£50 could help us fund a field trip to understand biodiversity loss

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Join #TeamNature and help raise funds for the Museum.

Your fundraising will support the vital research, education and conservation work, helping us to create advocates for the planet. 

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Our charitable status

The Museum is an exempt charity, regulated by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport. The Museum is not registered or regulated by the Charity Commission and therefore does not have a Registered Charity Number. We are however a fully legally constituted charity. For further information please visit the Government Summary on Exempt Charity Status.

What is Gift Aid and how does it help us?

For every £1 donated with Gift Aid, the Museum gets an extra 25 pence from the government at no extra cost to you. Gift Aid is a tax relief allowing UK charitable organisations to reclaim an extra 25% in tax on every eligible donation made by a UK taxpayer. If you are a UK taxpayer don’t forget to let us know so we can claim Gift Aid on your donations, this additional income makes a big difference.

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Our fundraising promise

Find out more about our commitment to ensuring our fundraising methods are of the highest standard.