Business services

The Museum entrance at night, lit up for a private event

Our expertise, building and facilities are at the heart of our commercial offer.

All proceeds from the Museum's commercial activity help fund our scientific research, educational programmes and maintenance.

Training and development

Discover courses that inspire employees, build knowledge, and make a measurable difference to organisations.


We draw on our expertise, facilities and collections to provide world-class science, cultural heritage and operational consultancy.

Venue hire

Whatever the occasion, host an event in our iconic venues for a night to remember.

Touring exhibitions

Hire our award-winning exhibitions and talk to us about a partnership with the Museum or a licensing package.

Picture library

License images of Museum specimens, buildings and artworks, and commission bespoke photography.


Choose one of the Museum's iconic spaces as the backdrop for your next film project.


We publish authoritative and beautifully designed books, written by experts and sold worldwide.


Become a licensee and create fantastic products using our scientific expertise, collection and image library.

Businesses can benefit from links to the Museum