British wildlife

Find out about the wonderful wildlife that makes the UK its home.

The British Isles are home to an astounding variety of plants and animals - there are over 4,000 species of beetles alone - and new species are still being discovered and arriving here from overseas.

Be inspired to get outdoors with friends and family and learn what's living in your neighbourhood. Uncover threats to native wildlife, including invasive species, and explore what's being done to protect it. Discover how you can help your local nature and opportunities to contribute to conservation efforts and scientific research.

Autumn in the UK

This is a time when temperatures drop, mists swirl and previously hidden beauty reveals itself: from spider webs that sparkle with water droplets, to a wonderful variety of fungi that bursts from soil and dead wood.

Hedgerows and trees are laden with fruits and nuts. Many animals - including birds, deer and squirrels - make the most of this bonanza ahead of more frugal times in winter.

Urban wildlife

Some wildlife is closer to home than others. Find out about creatures you're likely to encounter in UK towns and cities and explore ways of making your home and garden a more welcoming place for these wild neighbours.

Wildlife Garden at the Museum

Explore nature in our flourishing Wildlife Garden, a tranquil haven for plants and animals in the heart of the city.

Wildlife at risk

Sadly, not all is well with British wildlife. In fact, we have brought about a devastating state of affairs: 56% of UK species declined between 1970 and 2013.

This is down to a combination of factors, but all of them ours in the making.

Conservation, reintroductions and rewilding

It's not all bad news, however. 

Discover positive steps being taken to protect the UK's biodiversity, including the reintroduction of native species driven extinct by human impact, and research informing other conservation opportunities.

Get involved

Do you want to learn more about your local wildlife and how you can help it thrive? Would you like to develop a new skill or find new ways to explore nature outdoors with your family? You'll find ideas here. 

You can also play an important role in monitoring the spread and impact of invasive species and how native wildlife is faring.

Dippy's Naturenauts

Become a naturenaut by exploring nature with Dippy.

Big Seaweed Search

Explore the UK coast and submit your seaweed sightings to help study the effects of environmental change.

UK whale and dolphin strandings

Report stranded marine mammals to help us learn about these animals.

Centre for UK Biodiversity

Develop your wildlife interests and identification and recording skills using our facilities and resources.

New arrivals: non-native and invasive species

The flora and fauna of the UK are ever-changing. For centuries, the addition of new plant life has enhanced British gardens. But some has escaped into the wild and is negatively impacting our native species. Other harmful alien species have been introduced accidentally. The warming climate is also affecting the distribution of species.

Learn more about new arrivals to the UK and invasive species to keep a look out for.


Unexpected sightings and discoveries

Occasionally we get unexpected visitors to our shores, from birds that have been blown off course, to marine life that has strayed from its usual feeding grounds. And there are still new species being discovered, often by amateur naturalists or closer to home than you'd think.

So why not get on out there and see what you can spot?

Identify nature

Seen a strange bug, found a new plant in your garden or stumbled across an intriguing animal bone while out walking?

UK wildlife news

Invertebrates, including insects and spiders



Reptiles and amphibians


Plants, including trees and flowers


Fungi and lichens

Along the UK coast

Britain has thousands of kilometres of beautiful coastline. Learn about important coastal and marine habitats and the wildlife they support, and what you might encounter on a walk along the shore.