An insect with a stripy abdomen sits on a pink flower.

Hornet or fly? It's a hornet mimic hoverfly! © JohnatAPW/ Shutterstock

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What's that insect?

We want to know if people in the UK can tell the difference between their beetles and their bees. Take this quiz to find out if you're an above-average insect spotter.

As part of the Urban Nature Project, the Natural History Museum has developed a new programme of community science activities called Nature Overheard.

Anyone in the UK can take part by recording audio and observing insects for an investigation into the impact of noise pollution on insects near roads.

With this quiz we are gauging your ability to identify common insect groups.

This data will inform our analysis of the observational records collected for Nature Overheard, by providing an understanding of how reliability and accuracy of identifications made by the public.