Take part

Try this at home

A range of nature-themed activities and crafts you can do in and around your home.

Explore nature with our apps and activities

Dippy's Naturenauts

Become a naturenaut by grabbing your mobile phone and exploring nature with Dippy.

Digital nature journal

Save what you've seen in nature, your way, with the Museum’s free digital nature journal. 

Get out and about

A range of activities to help you get involved with nature, whether you are at home, in the park or on the beach.

Learn to identify nature with our guides and experts

Identify nature

Found an animal, plant or fossil that you'd like to identify? Get help from our guides and apps, or ask Museum experts for advice.

Common insect pest species in homes

Guides on a number of common insect pest species that can be found in homes and cause damage to food, furniture, clothes and plants.

Develop your natural history skills and interests

Take advantage of our Centre for UK Biodiversity's staff, facilities and resources. Bring in your finds to be identified, or book space to study and photograph our collections of UK species.

Help us monitor nature

Citizen science

Contribute to our scientific research. Take part in a wildlife survey, collect samples and data, or help us from home with a digital project.


Come and help wildlife experts to carry out, under a time limit, a real scientific survey known as a BioBlitz.

City Nature Challenge 2021

Take part in a global competition to find and record the most wildlife in a four day period.

Other ways to get involved


Volunteers can get involved in all areas of the Museum, from public galleries to behind-the-scenes collections.

Find out about current opportunities.

Wildlife identification training

Our Centre for UK Biodiversity offers a range of training to help build wildlife identification and recording skills in UK wildlife.