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Take part and make a change.

With your support, we will find solutions to some of the big issues facing the world today.

This is a time of extraordinary opportunity for the Museum and the global scientific community. As a Patron you can be part of it. 

The Patrons Circle provides essential resources to create learning programmes, advance scientific research and care for our invaluable collections. As a Patron, your support will allow us to carry out our vital work while giving you behind-the-scenes access to a truly extraordinary institution. 

Our vision is of a future where both people and the planet thrive. With your help, the Museum will play its part in achieving this. 

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Patrons Office
The Natural History Museum
Cromwell Road
London SW7 5BD
+44 (0)20 7942 5827


  • Bespoke events to learn more about our research

  • Out-of-hours tours of the Museum led by scientists

  • Priority and unlimited access to exhibitions

Patronage options

Starting at £1,500 per year, or £125 per month by Direct Debit, there are three Patron levels to choose from.

Each level provides a unique selection of benefits, meaning you can choose the option that best suits your interests. To find out more, please get in touch.

Silver Circle

£1,500+ (suggested donation £1,200+, benefit £300)

Receive privileged out-of-hours access to the Museum. Through special events, Silver Circle Patrons engage with the Museum's world-class collection and exhibitions on a deeper level, with other like-minded supporters.

Gold Circle

£5,000 (suggested donation £4,150+, benefit £850)

Gold Circle Patrons enjoy all Silver Circle benefits and have access to unique behind-the-scenes experiences. Enjoy a very close relationship with the Museum, with bespoke access and tours tailored to your interests.

Platinum Circle

£12,000 (suggested donation £10,200+, benefit £1,800)

Platinum Circle Patrons receive all Gold Circle benefits and have access to the most exclusive parts of the Museum and its research. You will be introduced to a distinguished circle of scientific figures that work closely with us. Be a part of the Museum's evolution, attending exclusive receptions and being the first to experience major new projects and exhibitions.

Patron Donor

From £1,500 (suggested donation £1,500+, benefit £0)

If you do not want to receive benefits or attend events, but would still like to make a contribution to the Museum as a Patron, you can become a Patron Donor. The entire amount you give will help us tackle global environmental problems, educate and inspire future generations and enable us to share our collections with the world.

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Patrons enjoy an exclusive events programme and behind-the-scenes access at the Museum. Patrons can also attend the Member events listed below for free.

Anning Rooms

Enjoy access to an exclusive suite of rooms with your patronage, featuring a restaurant, lounge, study areas and much more. 

What our Patrons say

'The NHM has been a beloved part of my life since I first became a child visitor at the age of four, when we lived around the corner. Even then, its feast of flora and fauna, displayed in those incomparable Victorian marbled halls, made me catch my breath. The Museum has been doing the same ever since, wonderfully transformed for the twenty-first century and new generations.'

Sir Max Hastings, Patron

'To dream, to create, to innovate the mind must first be inspired by the possibility of the impossible, the unreal, the otherworldly. As a child, the Natural History Museum was exactly that: otherworldly. Filled to the brim with weird and wonderful specimens, mythic beasts and tales of the unknown, it fed my imagination in a way that, to this day, remains still the single most important source of inspiration for my work. To me, it is a priceless curiosity cabinet of wonders.'

Tessa Packard, Patron

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