What on Earth?

Explore the stranger side of the natural world.

Investigate the weird, wonderful and downright peculiar – everything from mind-controlling parasites to the tiny arms of Tyrannosaurus rex

The strangest stories

The natural world is full of mysterious animals and unusual stories - here are some of the most astonishing.

Did you know that aye-ayes pick and eat their snot?

You may know that aye-ayes have a very long and thin finger. They mostly use it to find and extract grubs from inside trees.

Researchers have now recorded an aye-aye lemur picking its own nose. There are only 12 species of primates known to pick their nose (including humans), but scientists still don’t really know why they do it

Record-breaking animals and plants

Meet the wildlife that knows no limits.

Bizarre behaviours and extraordinary abilities

Animals and plants have evolved the ability to do some incredible things. 

Colours and camouflage

There is more to bright colours than meets the eye.

Whether it's the power of invisibility or vibrant warning displays, colour can be the difference between life and death.

Venom and poison

Venom and poison are natural weapons, and both can be deadly.

Discover the animals that can deliver a toxic surprise and how, in some cases, we have come to rely on them.

Diseases and parasites

Discover the world of organisms that take advantage of other animals to survive and thrive, as well as how we are harnessing the natural world for health.

Nature's wonders

There are countless tales of fantastical creatures in legends and folklore, but many are rooted in reality. Explore stories where myth, magic and nature meet.

Puzzling plants and microscopic marvels

It's not just animals that can surprise us - plants do plenty of unexpected things, too.

Our peculiar planet

Not all that is weird about our world is alive.

How to make a volcano

Volcanic eruptions are one of the most powerful natural forces on our planet. 

Find out how to make your own erupting volcano model from a few household items.

Unusual science

Sometimes scientists look at the world in ways you might not expect, whether it's studying llama poo or scanning an important cetacean at a local hospital.  

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