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Discover what you can see and do in our free galleries, and where you can eat, drink and shop across four zones: Blue, Green, Red and Orange.

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What would you like to explore?

Two hours at the Museum

Whether you're visiting for the first time or the fiftieth, these self-guided tours will take you through the best the Museum has to offer. 

Family favourites

Round up your family and take a  tour  to see some of the Museum's biggest sights⁠ including dinosaurs, whales and volcanoes.

Exhibits with impact

Uncover some of the Museum's most fascinating stories with this tour aimed at adults and solo travellers. 

Hidden treasures

Even if you've visited the Museum before and have seen the highlights, there's still plenty to discover. This tour guides you through some of the Museum's lesser-known treasures and is great for all ages.

Planning to visit the Museum and not sure where to start?

Take an audio-guided tour of Hintze Hall

Sir David Attenborough's unmistakable voice and expertise on all things nature make him the perfect person to take you on an audio-guided tour of Hintze Hall's star specimens.

Six free things to do at the Museum

There is so much for families to explore in the galleries, including your favourite dinosaurs, volcanoes and mammals.

Don't miss Andy's clock, the Wildlife Garden and the popular earthquake simulator.


  • Gallery closures

  • Blue Zone

    From dinosaurs to mammals, explore the amazing diversity of life on Earth.


    The Museum's dinosaurs are world-famous. Meet the roaring T. rex, see the skull of a Triceratops and wander among fossils in the Dinosaurs gallery.

    Images of Nature

    See how artists and scientists view the natural world through more than 100 images from the Museum's collection in the Images of Nature gallery.

    Mammals (blue whale model)

    Discover the biggest mammals in the animal kingdom.


    Explore the rich diversity of mammals, from lions to pygmy shrews in the Mammals gallery.

    Fishes, Amphibians and Reptiles

    Meet some of the most weird and wonderful water-dwelling species in the Fishes, Amphibians and Reptiles gallery.

    Marine Invertebrates

    Investigate the lives of ocean inhabitants in the Marine Invertebrates gallery.

    Andy's clock

    Waistcoat. Gizmo. Hat. Take me to the time of the dinosaurs!

    See the clock from the CBeebies shows Andy's Dinosaur Adventures and Andy's Prehistoric Adventures in the Central Cafe near Hintze Hall.

    Contemplation Room

    This is a quiet, naturally lit room used for prayer and reflection.

    Due to social distancing, the room will have a maximum occupancy of two people (or more if from the same household). Please speak to a member of staff in Hintze Hall if you wish to use the room.

    Central Cafe

    Take a break and enjoy a selection of sandwiches and salads, or tuck into crisps, cakes, pastries and fruit.

    Tables have been moved to allow for social distancing and are cleaned regularly. Takeaway is also available. 

  • Green Zone

    Follow our planet's evolution and walk beneath a 25.2-metre blue whale skeleton. 

    Hintze Hall

    Whale hello there! Walk beneath the largest animal on Earth and explore dozens of other exhibits representing 4.5 billion years of natural history.


    Discover an extinct dodo, our historical hummingbird cabinet and a Victorian avian anatomy display in the Birds gallery.

    Creepy Crawlies

    Satisfy your curiosity for insects, crabs, centipedes and spiders, and explore all things arthropod in the Creepy Crawlies gallery.


    Step back in time to see the Museum as it was in 1881 with its original oak display cabinets in the Minerals gallery.

    The Vault

    Some of nature's most unique and valuable treasures are on display in the Vault gallery.

    Fossils from Britain

    Trace our fossil record through mud, silt, sand and time. See preserved shark teeth and spot the fossil fakes in the Fossils from Britain gallery.

    Fossil Marine Reptiles

    Find out what was going on in the oceans while dinosaurs dominated the land in the Fossil Marine Reptiles gallery.

    The Anning Rooms

    The Anning Rooms are a private lounge, study area and restaurant perfect for a light lunch or coffee away from the hustle and bustle. Open only to Members and Patrons

    Museum Shop

    Find a great range of nature-inspired gifts for all ages. From puzzles and toys to art and homewares, it is a must for all visitors.

    Near Hintze Hall and the Cromwell Road entrance.

    Investigate - Closed

    Drop into Investigate, our science centre where children and adults can get hands-on with the Museum's collections.

    Treasures - Closed

    Explore 22 objects spanning 4.5 billion years of the Earth's history. Each exhibit tells a remarkable story and has been chosen for its scientific, historical and cultural importance.

  • Red Zone

    Take a journey through our spectacular Earth sculpture and find out about the tremendous forces that shape our planet.

    Please note: the Red Zone lift is closed until March 2021 while we undergo an essential refurbishment. The Volcanoes and Earthquakes, From the Beginning, Restless Surface and Earth's Treasury galleries can be accessed via the escalator and stairs only. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.  

    Earth Hall and Stegosaurus

    Meet our incredible dinosaur specimen, the most intact Stegosaurus fossil skeleton ever found. At three metres tall and almost six metres long, it's a dramatic welcome to Earth Hall.

    Volcanoes and Earthquakes

    Epic forces are at work every day, changing the face of our planet. Explore how the powers within shape the world in which we live.

    Human Evolution

    Meet your ancient relatives, trace the origins and evolution of our species, and explore what makes us human.

    Earth's Treasury

    Discover minerals, gemstones and rocks in the Earth's Treasury gallery.

    From the Beginning

    Explore the evolution of life on our planet in the From the Beginning gallery.

    Restless Surface

    How has wind, water and other weather shaped the Earth? And how long has it taken? Find out in the Restless Surface gallery.

    Lasting Impressions

    Examine remarkable fossil evidence of long-ago events in the Last Impressions gallery.

    The Cranbourne Boutique

    Discover a fantastic range of Museum-themed gifts, books and souvenirs for adults and children.

    Opposite The Coffee House. 

  • Orange Zone

    See scientists at work in the Darwin Centre and enjoy the tranquil habitats of our Wildlife Garden.

    Wildlife Garden

    Explore nature in our flourishing Wildlife Garden, a tranquil haven for plants and animals in the heart of London. Free to enter, open daily 11.00-15.30 from 1 November - 31 March, and 11.00-17.00 from 1 April - 31 October.

    Zoology spirit building

    The Museum has over 23 million specimens stored in alcohol in the spirit collection. You can find some of the spirit collection on display next to the Attenborough Studio. 

    The Zoology spirit building is a public space tucked away from the main areas of the Museum, offering a quiet place for reflection and prayer.

    The Cocoon and Attenborough Studio - Closed

    Explore science and nature in the Darwin Centre's Cocoon and meet experts at Attenborough Studio events.

Seating in the Central Cafe.

Eat, drink and shop

Roaming the galleries can be exhausting stuff, so why not rest and refuel in one of our cafes? There's a selection of fresh food and hot and cold drinks available. Browse the shops for dinosaur- and other nature-inspired gifts. Some of our cafes and shops are temporarily closed.