14 things to do this summer for adults

Dippy skeleton on green background

Go Dippy over an old friend this summer. 

Need plans to fill those lazy summer days? No problem! Join us at the Museum this June, July and August for a whole host of activities. 

Dippy may be ruling the roost for the next few months, but we’ve got plenty of non-dinosaur activities to do too. See a royal piece of quartz, check out our stunning HMS Challenger display and celebrate world elephant day with us this summer. 

Don't forget - book your free ticket to the Museum to guarantee entry. 

Last updated 29 August 2022

1. Visit an old friend

The nation's favourite dinosaur, Dippy, is back for a short visit. Until 2 January 2023, you can see our iconic Diplodocus alongside memories from its UK tour of nature throughout the UK and how different communities are connecting with it.

In the Waterhouse Gallery.

2. Wake up under a whale

Want to sleepover at one of London's most famous buildings and enjoy a night of great entertainment and delicious food and drink? Then our Dino Snores for Grown-ups is the event for you! Stay up all night watching our movie marathon or snuggle down beneath the blue whale.

Various dates.

Adults £185, Members £166.50

3. Last chance for Our Broken Planet

The free display Our Broken Planet: How We Got Here and Ways to Fix has now closed.

Learn more about the consequences of our actions and examine some of the solutions that could help mend our broken planet.

4. Sail around the world

Exploring Our Oceans: The Challenger Expedition and Its Legacy is a free display of historic and contemporary images and specimens that marks the 150th anniversary of the Challenger expedition - a ground-breaking scientific endeavour to sail around the world and systematically study the oceans for the very first time.

In the Images of Nature gallery.

Until January 2023

5. Hang out with scientists at Nature Live

Join us at the Museum for interactive talks featuring topical discussions with our scientists and cutting-edge research. Got a question? This is your chance to ask it.

Every Friday.

This event is included with your free Museum entry ticket.

6. Warrior under the whale

Hosted in collaboration with East of Eden, our unique series of yoga classes are suitable for all, no matter your experience level.  Where else can you stretch out underneath a blue whale?

4 September

Adults from £35, Members from £31.50

7. Discover the fascinating work of women scientists

Take a Women in Science guided tour of the first-floor Hintze Hall balconies and the Minerals gallery.

You'll hear the gripping histories of several women scientists across history including some who've worked at the Museum. Encounter numerous treasures such as specimens collected by Mary Anning and learn more about the Museum's displays and our cutting-edge science.

Various dates.

Free, tickets required.

8. Eat on the east lawn

The Wildlife Garden is closed from 5 September 2022 and the east lawn and Museum gardens are closed from September as we work on our landmark Urban Nature Project to create a welcoming, accessible and biologically diverse green space. 

The gardens will reopen from autumn 2023.

9. Bring your own baby talks

Introduce your little one to the wonders of the natural world, meet fellow parents and take a break from baby talk with our Museum experts and scientists..

Tickets: £15, Members: £13.50

Tickets include one adult and one baby.

Every other Tuesday from 23 August

10. Gaze upon a royal piece of quartz

When it is viewed with light shining from behind, this polished slice of agate reveals an internal pattern with a likeness of HM Queen Elizabeth II.

The specimen is currently on display as part of the celebrations of the Platinum Jubilee of the Queen.

Minerals gallery, free

11. Encounter an elephant or three

Pack your trunk and take a trip to the Museum to celebrate World Elephant Day with us on 12 August. Did you know that elephants can use their trunks as snorkels while swimming? 

Find out more fascinating facts and marvel at the elephants on display in our Mammals (blue whale) gallery. 

Permanent, free

12. Take a Dinotour

Explore our Dinosaurs gallery before it opens to the public for the day on one of our special guided tours.

You'll get to journey through time and learn how dinosaurs were first discovered, how they adapted to life on Earth and why they're so important to science today.

Various dates. 

Adults £30, Members £27

13. See casts from Pompeii

Nearly 2,000 years ago, in August 79 AD, Mount Vesuvius erupted with devastating consequences. The eruption destroyed the cities of Herculaneum and Pompeii, burying their inhabitants in a deadly layer of volcanic ash. As the bodies of those killed decayed, they left perfect imprints, or casts. Head to our Volcanoes and Earthquakes gallery to see a cast of a man and a dog that was excavated from Pompeii.

Permanent, free

14. Escape the summer crowds

The summer holidays can be long, hot and tiring! Escape the crowds and find a tranquil spot to take a break in our Darwin Centre Atrium, which has plenty of seating. Or enjoy some peace and quiet in our Zoology spirit building where you can take the load off while gazing upon a selection of the more than 23 million amazing alcohol-preserved specimens we have in the collection.

Permanent, free