15 things to do this summer for adults

Need plans to fill those lazy summer days? No problem! Join us at the Museum this June, July and August for a whole host of activities. 

Patagotitan may be ruling the roost for the next few months, but we’ve got plenty of non-dinosaur activities to do too.

See a meteorite that is 4.5 billion years old, check out our stunning Polar Silk Road exhibition and celebrate World Elephant Day with us this summer.

Last updated 23 May 2023

1. See a giant up close

Step into the world of the magnificent titanosaur Patagotitan mayorum - one of the largest creatures to have ever walked the earth. 

Learn how Patagotitan mayorum stayed safe, found food and kept cool as you follow its journey from tiny egg to towering head and shoulders above other Cretaceous critters. 

Open now

2. Warrior under the whale

Hosted in collaboration with East of Eden, our unique series of yoga classes are suitable for all, no matter your experience level.  Where else can you stretch out underneath a blue whale?

4 September

Adults from £35, Members from £31.50

3. Watch Prehistoric Planet

We know it isn't technically something you can do in the Museum, but for those who can't get to us this summer, it's the next best thing!

Travel back 66 million years to a time when lands, seas, and skies were ruled by prehistoric giants.

Titanosaur: Life as the Biggest Dinosaur is supported by Prehistoric Planet, Season 2 now streaming on Apple TV+

4. Crochet at the Museum with TOFT

Flex your fingers and embrace your creative side with this TOFT workshop where you can crochet a special edition Natural History Museum creation.

Various dates and prices

5. Find your zen

De-stress, connect with nature and improve your balance at this bright and early Tai Chi class. Practice beneath Hope the blue whale for a wellbeing experience among the treasures of the natural world.

Adults £25

6. Take part in an Art Highlights Tour

Take a guided tour of our Images of Nature gallery and see some of our most treasured artworks and archive items.

Our knowledgeable guides will explore the stories behind each exhibit and discuss how big issues relating to biodiversity and the environment can be addressed through art.

Free, booking required

7. Experience the Polar Silk Road

Discover the Arctic through the photography of Gregor Sailer. Explore the existing, potential, and sometimes unexpected impact that warming temperatures will have in this once pristine region. 

Free exhibition, now closed

7. Discover the fascinating work of women scientists

Take a Women in Science guided tour of the first-floor Hintze Hall balconies and the Minerals gallery.

You'll hear the gripping histories of several women scientists across history including some who've worked at the Museum. Encounter numerous treasures such as specimens collected by Mary Anning and learn more about the Museum's displays and our cutting-edge science.

Various dates.

Free, tickets required.

8. Be inspired by the natural world

Marvel at some of the world's most breath-taking examples of wildlife photography, including a rare example of wren listening, a curious southern right whale and an unlucky brown bear, all at the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition - open now until 2 July.

This year's images can also be viewed in our free online gallery.

10. Be inspired at the Great Exhibition Road Festival

Explore the power of awe and wonder at this free annual celebration of science and the arts across South Kensington.

17 & 18 June

Free, ticketed events

In the Museum and on Exhibition Road

11. Gaze upon a piece of solar system history

The Winchcombe meteorite started its life 4.5 billion years ago with the birth of our solar system. After traveling through space it fell from the sky in February 2021 before being collected by our scientists. 

This incredibly rare metorite is a true relic of the past and a national treasure.  

Minerals gallery, free

12. Encounter an elephant or three

Pack your trunk and take a trip to the Museum to celebrate World Elephant Day with us on 12 August. Did you know that elephants can use their trunks as snorkels while swimming? 

Find out more fascinating facts and marvel at the elephants on display in our Mammals (blue whale) gallery. 

Permanent, free

13. Start your day the roarsome way

Explore the Titanosaur: Life as the Biggest Dinosar as well as the Dinosaurs gallery before they open to the public with an Out-of-hours Titano Tour. Our knowledgeable guides will answer all of your questions while you get up close and personal with all the main characters in our world-famous Dinosaurs gallery.

Adults £25

14. See casts from Pompeii

Nearly 2,000 years ago, in August 79 AD, Mount Vesuvius erupted with devastating consequences. The eruption destroyed the cities of Herculaneum and Pompeii, burying their inhabitants in a deadly layer of volcanic ash. As the bodies of those killed decayed, they left perfect imprints, or casts. Head to our Volcanoes and Earthquakes gallery to see a cast of a man and a dog that was excavated from Pompeii.

Permanent, free

15. Escape the summer crowds

The summer holidays can be long, hot and tiring! Escape the crowds and find a tranquil spot to take a break in our Darwin Centre Atrium, which has plenty of seating. Or enjoy some peace and quiet in our Zoology spirit building where you can take the load off while gazing upon a selection of the more than 23 million amazing alcohol-preserved specimens we have in the collection.

Permanent, free