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Humans and nature


Deep Sea

Level: Introductory

Price: £49.99

This course will delve into:

  • the biology of life in the deepest parts of the ocean
  • the exploration of deep-sea environments
  • the question of deep-sea exploitation

Biodiversity Crisis

Release date: April 2024

Level: Introductory

Price: £49.99

This course will explore:

  • the concepts of biodiversity
  • the current state of biodiversity and why it is in crisis
  • the possible solutions to combat the biodiversity crisis through research



Rocks in Space

Level: Intermediate

Price: £49.99

This course will explore:

  • elements of the solar system, with a focus on asteroids and meteorites
  • where our solar system came from and where it is going
  • how meteorites can reveal billions of years of solar history
  • what scientists are hoping to learn from space missions to comets and meteorites



Dinosaurs 101

Release date: July 2024

Level: Introductory

Price: £49.99

This course will explore:

  • the history of palaeontology, from naturalists to major discoveries
  • how interdisciplinary research helps us model dinosaur behaviour
  • the Cretaceous extinction and the evolution of birds




Release date: May 2024

Level: Introductory

Price: £49.99

This course will explore:

  • the Early-Middle Triassic origins of flies
  • key adaptations and their global distribution
  • the ecological significance of flies and their importance to human food supply
  • biodiversity challenges from ethical collections to introduced species

Fascinating and curious



Level: Introductory

Price: £49.99

This course will explore:

  • evolution of leglessness
  • what makes snakes unique
  • the anatomical features and adaptions that help snakes survive
  • how conservation is tackling the threats to snake species most in danger


Release date: TBC

Level: Introductory

Price: £49.99

In this course, you will learn:

  • what is a mollusc
  • evolutionary adaptive strategies
  • a range of fascinating facts from how cephalopods change colour, why some snails are left-handed and how slug mucus is being used at the forefront of surgery.

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How long are the courses?

Courses are delivered as a series of short video chapters ranging from 1.5 hours to over 2.5 hours.

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All Naturally Curious courses are delivered online via Learn Worlds, a third-party course management company. All video chapters may be streamed, and the course booklet can be downloaded from this webpage.

Do I have to be in the UK to access these courses?

Currently, only residents of the UK will be able to access Naturally Curious courses. 

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No. The Naturally Curious courses are not accredited as higher education qualifications.

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Yes, but please note that the courses are aimed at an 18-and-above audience.

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No refunds or exchanges will be given.

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