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Filming charges

The gleaming Darwin Centre, Victorian architecture at Tring, hidden corridors stacked with specimens and the cathedral-like Hintze Hall. These are just some of the spectacular settings the Museum can offer for your next filming project.

Find out about filming locations at the Museum below.

Museum researchers and curators can also share their natural history knowledge in the form of interviews, or consulting services.

Hintze Hall

The architecture of the Waterhouse building makes Hintze Hall one of the most distinctive venues in London to film in.

The Darwin Centre

With its clean lines, airy, light-filled rooms and gleaming surfaces, the Darwin Centre is an exciting and versatile modern space.

Earth Galleries

With a giant globe dominating the central space, Earth Hall and surrounding galleries offer an atmospheric location for any shoot.

Dinosaurs and Mammals

The gallery's elevated walkway provides an interesting film perspective as towering skeletons throw haunting shadows onto the gallery walls.

Behind the scenes

Capture footage from some of the Museum's hidden spaces, such as tank room, our libraries and in the old general herbarium.


The west and east lawn at the front of the Waterhouse building, and the Darwin Centre Courtyard are all available for exterior filming.


The Natural History Museum at Tring houses an extensive collection of mounted specimens, making it a unique location for filming.

Other spaces

Film in the Birds gallery, Fossil Marine Reptiles and Minerals gallery. Each space has its own signature ambiance.


The collections comprise over 80 million objects. Our scientists are available to share their knowledge via interviews or consulting services.  


Find out about pricing, what documentation you will need to film at the Museum, and useful, frequently asked questions. 


Find out about a recent filming project at the Museum, and some of the challenges our Filming team had to overcome.

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