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The Natural History Museum's impressive interior - both the building itself and its extraordinary collections - provided the perfect 'intergalactic space palace' set for Warner Bros. feature film Jupiter Ascending.

’We were very privileged to have the opportunity to feature this location as part of the Intergalactic Space Palace,’ said Jamie Lengyel, Location Manager.

With a crew of 400, plus a cast of 150 extra-terrestrials, Jupiter Ascending is the biggest film production that the Natural History Museum has accommodated to date.

A spectacular stunt scene was created in transforming the central hall. Dippy, the affectionately-named 26-metre-long Diplodocus and celebrity of the hall had to be avoided as the stuntman rollerbladed down the ramp, jumped off the bridge and ended up free-falling into a pile of boxes. 

Lengyel thanks the Museum for taking on the large crew numbers, complicated stunt scenes, rigging requirements and other logistical complexities.

Highlighting the ability of the location to deliver such a high-profile shoot, he says: 'Alice Beer and the team at the Museum were brilliantly supportive in accommodating the many demands of a major studio feature.'

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