Women in Science Tour

Mary Anning portrait

Event information

Discover the fascinating work of women scientists past and present.

Various dates


Tour starts from Guy the gorilla outside the Treasures gallery,  on the balcony of Hintze Hall.

Free, walk-ups accepted subject to capacity.

Take a guided tour of the first floor Hintze Hall balconies and the Minerals gallery and discover the fascinating work of women scientists past and present.

You'll hear the gripping histories of several women scientists across history including some who've worked at the Museum. Encounter numerous treasures such as specimens collected by Mary Anning and learn more about the Museum's displays and our cutting-edge science.

  • Important information

    • The tour is suitable for adults and children aged 11 and over. This age limit is in place because the tour content and length are not suitable for young children. Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.
    • We may need to cancel or rearrange tours at short notice due to volunteer availability. We apologise for any inconvenience or disappointment caused.
    • Please arrive at the meeting point next to Guy the gorilla a few minutes before the tour is scheduled to begin. Guy is outside the Treasures gallery on the first floor of Hintze Hall.
    • Spaces are first come, first served and we will only be able to take the first 12 visitors.

Getting to the meeting point

To get to the meeting point by Guy the gorilla enter Hintze Hall on the ground floor then go up the main staircase. Turn right at the statue of Darwin and continue up the stairs. When you reach the top Guy the gorilla will be in front of you.

If using the lift, take the lift from the ground floor of Hintze Hall to the first floor of Hintze Hall. As you exit the lift head straight out onto the balcony then turn right and walk to the end of the balcony, the meeting point will be straight ahead.

Event dates

3 October 2023               14.15-15.00

5 October 2023               14.15-15.00

7 October 2023               14.15-15.00

10 October 2023             14.15-15.00

12 October 2023             14.15-15.00

17 October 2023             14.15-15.00

19 October 2023             14.15-15.00

22 October 2023             14.15-15.00

24 October 2023             14.15-15.00

26 October 2023             14.15-15.00

29 October 2023             14.15-15.00

31 October 2023             14.15-15.00

Read some stories from the tour

Learn about female scientists past and present, their passions, their inspiration and how they got into science. Each tour is slightly different, but here are some of the women you might hear about.