Activities for families and kids

A trip to the Natural History Museum is the perfect day out in London.

Get up close with nature, discover fascinating creatures and intriguing science on a visit that's perfect for the whole family.

There is so much to explore in the galleries, including your favourite dinosaurs, volcanoes and mammals.

Explore the galleries with the Museum map

Find out how to get around with the Museum map. There are four zones to discover.

Six free things to do at the Museum

1. Take a photo with Andy's clock

Waistcoat. Gizmo. Hat. Take me to the time of the dinosaurs!

Keep an eye out for Andy's clock from the CBeebies shows Andy's Dinosaur Adventures and Andy's Prehistoric Adventures.

Location: Central Cafe

2. Stomp like a dinosaur

Do your best T. rex impression as you explore the different time periods in which dinosaurs lived, sort the facts from the myths about why they died out and find out what our scientific research has taught us about these prehistoric giants.

If your little ones are dino-mad, try out our interactive gallery quiz and get fun facts, amazing videos and extra information to help them learn and explore.

Location: Dinosaurs gallery

3. Quake in your boots

Learn about the amazing natural forces that help shape our planet in the Volcanoes and Earthquakes gallery.

From the casts of victims from the Mount Vesuvius eruption of AD 79 to objects melted by lava flows, the Earth's surface is laid bare in this gallery.

Don't forget to try out the earthquake simulator.

Location: Red Zone. Travel up the escalator in Earth Hall and turn left. 

4. Hang out with Hope

You're in for the biggest welcome in London. Look up at the skeleton of the blue whale - the largest animal on Earth. This female blue whale is named Hope, as a symbol of humanity's power to shape a sustainable future.

Location: Hintze Hall

5. Say hi to a Stegosaurus

Meet our incredible dinosaur specimen, the most intact Stegosaurus fossil skeleton ever found. It's three metres tall and almost six metres long.

Location: Earth Hall

6. Get curious in Creepy Crawlies

Satisfy your interest in insects, crabs, centipedes and spiders, and explore all things arthropod in the Creepy Crawlies gallery.

Location: Green Zone

Family-friendly galleries

Earth's Treasury

Unearth minerals, gemstones and rocks in the Earth's Treasury gallery. A glittering display includes everything from gold nuggets to Stonehenge rock and kryptonite. Find out how diamonds are formed and cut, plus examine royal links to precious stones.


Discover an extinct dodo, our historical hummingbird cabinet and a Victorian avian anatomy display in the Birds gallery.


Weave your way through original wooden cases housing glittering gems and raw minerals. Don't miss the 635-kilogramme iron meteorite and 9,381-carat flawless blue topaz gemstone - the largest of its kind.

Where to eat, drink and shop

Roaming the galleries can be exhausting stuff, so why not rest and refuel in one of our cafes? There's a selection of fresh food and hot and cold drinks available. Browse the shops for dinosaur- and other nature-inspired gifts. 

Self-guided tours

Whether you're visiting for the first time or the fiftieth, these tours will take you through the best the Museum has to offer. 

Family favourites

Round up your family and take a  tour  to see some of the Museum's biggest sights⁠ including dinosaurs, whales and volcanoes.

Hidden treasures

Even if you've visited the Museum before and have seen the highlights, there's still plenty to discover. This tour guides you through some of the Museum's lesser-known treasures and is great for all ages.

Exhibits with impact

Uncover some of the Museum's most fascinating stories with this tour aimed at adults and solo travellers. 

Five quiet spaces and galleries

Find calm in the Museum with our list of five quiet galleries and spaces with mindful activities to help your wellbeing. 

A hard copy of this guide can be picked up from the two information desks at either entrance to the Museum. It includes a Museum map and drawing activities.

Fast track your visit with a family membership

Membership comes with many benefits to help you make the most of your visit to the Museum. As well as access to the Anning Rooms - a private lounge and restaurant - you can also skip the queue and use the cloakroom for free.