Family favourites

This self-guided tour walks you through some of the Museum's biggest sights and is perfect for families - whether you're a first-timer or returning visitor.


Enter through Cromwell Road and head left from Hintze Hall to begin your tour. It should take about two hours.

Dinosaurs gallery

Meet incredible beasts in the famous Dinosaurs gallery. Tiptoe past the first T.rex skeleton ever discovered before spending time among the herbivores including a Triceratops skull and the first skeleton of an Iguanodon known to science.

If your little ones are dino-mad, try out our interactive gallery quiz and get fun facts, amazing videos and extra information to help them learn and explore.

Getting there: located in the Blue Zone.

Take a photo with Andy's clock

Waistcoat. Gizmo. Hat. Take me to the time of the dinosaurs! Keep an eye out for Andy's clock from the CBeebies shows Andy's Dinosaur Adventures and Andy's Prehistoric Adventures.

Getting there: in the Central Cafe

Volcanoes and Earthquakes

Learn about the amazing natural forces that help shape our planet in the Volcanoes and Earthquakes gallery. From the casts of victims from the Mount Vesuvius eruption of AD 79 and objects melted by lava flows to the ways that we try to build against earthquake damage, the Earth's surface is laid bare in this gallery.

Getting there: in the Red Zone. Travel up the escalator in Earth Hall and turn left. 

Take a break from exploring

Take a break and enjoy a selection of sandwiches and salads, or tuck into crisps, cakes, pastries and fruit in the Central Cafe.

Getting there: located in the Blue Zone near the stairs in Hintze Hall.  

Fossil Marine Reptiles

Find Rhomaleosaurus, - a true giant - in Fossil Marine Reptiles. This gallery contains some of the most complete fossils of prehistoric sea animals in the world. Don't miss the giant sloth at the end of the corridor (near the entrance to the Birds gallery).

Getting there: located in Fossil Marine Reptiles in the Green Zone.

Earth's Treasury

Unearth minerals, gemstones and rocks in the Earth's Treasury gallery. A glittering display includes everything from gold nuggets to Stonehenge rock and kryptonite. Find out how diamonds are formed and cut, plus examine royal links to precious stones.

Getting there: in the Red Zone.

Pop into a shop

Find a roarsome souvenir in the Museum Shop. How about a cuddly baby Triceratops?

Getting there: near Hintze Hall and Cromwell Road entrance.  

Fast track your visit with a family membership

Membership comes with many benefits to help you make the most of your visit to the Museum. As well as access to the Anning Rooms - a private lounge and restaurant - you can also skip the queue and use the cloakroom for free.

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