A large wooden case filled with various mounted bird specimens with a blue backdrop.

Discover an extinct dodo, our historical hummingbird cabinet, and a Victorian avian anatomy display in the Birds gallery.

From endangered species to native British breeds and contemporary conservation efforts, explore the wonders of our bird collection.

Star specimens and exhibits

  • cases of nesting birds dating from 1883, featuring blackbirds and storm petrels
  • a selection of eggs ranging from those of the tiny hummingbird to the giant elephant bird
  • two passenger pigeon specimens, a species that once numbered in the billions and is now extinct
  • framed prints from John James Audubon's famous The Birds of America book
  • a beautiful painting of the extinct great auk

The Birds of America

It's not hard to imagine why a group of teenagers might attempt to steal John James Audubon's iconic and valuable book The Birds of America, a true story told in the film American Animals.

See these prints on display in the Birds gallery.

The diversity of birds

Discover the world's birds in an online exhibition.

A collaboration between the Museum and Google Arts & Culture.