Marine Invertebrates

A large coral at the entrance to Marine Invertebrates

Gallery closure notice

The Marine Invertebrates gallery is closed from 10.00-15.30 every other Tuesday. The space is being used for our Adventure Babies event. 

The gallery may be closed on an irregular basis for other events and training. 

Investigate the lives of ocean inhabitants in the Marine Invertebrates gallery.

See starfish, corals and molluscs, and discover the deep-sea secrets of the vampire squid and the feeding habits of the fin whale roundworm.

Star specimens and exhibits

  • a beautiful array of shells, from the giant clam to the queen conch
  • a crab that's related to spiders
  • sea snails used to make purple dye
  • shells once used as currency
  • delicate deep-sea creatures known as snake arms and basket stars

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