Wildlife Photographer of the Year

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Wildlife Photographer of the Year has been showcasing the world's best nature photography and photojournalism for more than 50 years.

Celebrate the power of photography and the wonders of the natural world with this impactful exhibition.

Attracting over two million people annually worldwide, Wildlife Photographer of the Year is renowned not only for its compelling imagery but also for the quality of its interpretation. The exhibition sparks a global conversation about sustainability and the conservation of wildlife - it challenges and encourages people around the world to consider their responsibility to protect our planet's breathtaking biodiversity.

The exhibition is one of the most popular photography shows in the world with sold-out weekends at the Museum in London and international venues from France to Germany, China, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and many more. Every year visitors return with their family and friends to see the latest edition of the show and experience an exciting and emotional journey anew.

In recent years the exhibition has been displayed at the World Economic Forum's Annual Meetings in Davos-Klosters, Switzerland. The images were seen by global decision-makers during a four-day programme heavily focused around the state of the planet, conservation and environmental sustainability.

  • The competition and awards

    Established in 1965, Wildlife Photographer of the Year is one of the most prestigious and long-standing international photography competitions in the world. In its most recent year almost 50,000 entries were submitted by professional and amateur photographers from a record-breaking 100 countries around the world.

    Following a rigorous judging process, the 100 winning images are selected for their creativity, originality and technical excellence, and are premiered at a glittering awards ceremony at the Natural History Museum. The photographs tell remarkable stories about the natural world, while celebrating the amazing endeavours of the photographers behind the shots.

  • The exhibition

    After the awards ceremony, the winning images make up the blockbuster exhibition at the Museum in London before embarking on their international tour.

    The images are entered into categories which are determined annually by the jury to reflect the ever-changing nature of photography. Past categories have included Behaviours, Earth’s Environments, Habitats, Portraits and Photojournalism.

    All award winning photographs are accompanied by detailed captions combining research from Museum scientists, geolocation maps, the camera's technical details and first-hand accounts from photographers, bringing the images to life in vivid detail while addressing current issues.

  • Hosting the exhibition

    The exhibition is quick and easy to install autonomously and is available for hire in three formats: immersive light panels requiring 500sqm (5,400sqft) of space, or a more compact Dibond version, which fits into galleries of approximately 300sqm (3,200sqft), or outdoor panels.

    Light panels format

    Appropriate for 500sqm/5,400sqft.

    Using the same technology and display as in the Museum's London galleries, the images are printed on a translucent-base material (Duratrans) and inserted into LED light panels. Once the house lights are dimmed, the exhibition becomes an immersive world emphasising the beauty and the colours of every photograph. Light panels are included in the package but if a venue already owns a compatible set of panels, the Duratrans can be printed separately.

    Dibonds format

    Appropriate for 300sqm/3,200sqft

    Dibond is a solid and lightweight material onto which the printed images are mounted, ready to be hung on your walls. This version of the exhibition conveys all the splendour and the colours of the natural world packed in a compact and high-quality solution.

    Outdoor format

    Venues that are looking to offer open-air experiences to their visitors can now hire a new outdoor-friendly version of the exhibition. The photographs are printed onto Dibond panels using high-quality 'direct to media' printing technology and a protective sealant suitable for outdoor display.

    The format can be used with numerous fixtures and display structures. Please get in touch with us to discuss your requirements: touring@nhm.ac.uk

Experience the gallery

Take in the Light Panel display at our Museum in South Kensington, London, via this interactive virtual preview, developed in partnership with The Net Gallery.


Light Panel exhibition

This format requires approximately 500sqm/5,400sqft and includes:

  • High quality Duratran prints of the winning images
  • LED backlit panels for display of the images (82 individual panels + 3 multi-image panels + 2 Grand Title Winners panels)
  • English captions printed within the Duratrans
  • Full exhibition text and design files for local printing of information panels and for translations

Dibond exhibition

This version requires approximately 300sqm/3,200sqft and includes:

  • High quality Dibond prints of the winning images (82 individual panels + 3 multi-image panels + 2 Grand Title Winners panels)
  • For English language venues: detailed captions and information panels printed on sturdy forex
  • For non-English-language venues: full text and design files for translations and local printing of information panels and captions
Both versions of the exhibition also include:
  • A detailed toolkit specifying hanging and other technical details
  • A selection of optional digital content to enhance the visitor experience
  • Gallery soundscape
  • Extensive Marketing, Social Media and Press toolkits and supporting materials
Optional (for an additional fee):
  • Mobile captions in English language
  • Extra digital content (for online and/or gallery space)
  • Publishing and retail products

The exhibition on tour

A visitor looking closely at a photograph in a dark room
A well lit exhibition space with numerous photographs on the wall
A dark room with photographs hung from theceiling
A visitor looks closely at a photograph on the wall
Photographs are exhibited in a modern exhibition space

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