Jurassic Oceans: Monsters of the Deep


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Earth's oceans have been home to some of the largest, fiercest and most successful predators ever to exist.

Visitors will discover the remarkable evolution and ecosystems of these great underwater creatures. They will step back in time to experience life beneath the waves and come face-to-face with ferocious hunters and their prey, as they were millions of years ago during the Jurassic period.

Striking specimens, including fully articulated 3D models and life-size casts from the Natural History Museum's collections, will show the predators of the Jurassic seas in their natural habitats and tell the story  of how they adapted to survive. The exhibition is an immersive experience, displaying dramatic CGI, 3D printed objects, artificial skins and interactive elements.

Exhibition schedule

25 February 2022 – 5 September 2022 – Field Museum, Chicago, USA.

If you are looking for tickets to the exhibition itself, please go to the Field Museum’s webpage here: Jurassic Oceans: Monsters of the Deep | Field Museum


Developed as a fully turnkey exhibition designed to fit between 650 sqm/7,000 sqft and 1,000 sqm/11,000 sqft.

  • Over 90 key original specimens from the Natural History Museum’s collection of 9 million fossils, including complete, fully articulated fossil skeletons of marine reptiles with bespoke mounts
  • 12 casts, models and touchable objects
  • Setworks, display cases and AV equipment
  • 11 Films, atmospheric sounds and CGI
  • Three digital and hands-on interactives
  • Graphic panels and labels in American English and Spanish
  • Accompanying educational material for children aged 6 to 11 years
  • Related retail and publishing products available as an optional extra
  • Installation by the Natural History Museum team with support from local team

More information

For more information about the exhibition, download the Jurassic Oceans: Monsters of the Deep brochure PDF (1.5MB).


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