Self-guided tours at Tring

Encourage children to ask questions and discuss animal features with our free self-guided tours.

The tours are designed for use by an adult leading a small group of children.

Learn more about the Arctic and Antarctic-dwellers we have on display.
Arctic and Antarctic gallery tour PDF (25KB)

Find out about some of the endangered species on display, including their biggest threats and conservation efforts to help save them.
Endangered gallery tour PDF (32KB)

Find out why the dodo, great auk and passenger pigeon went extinct. 
Extinct gallery tour PDF (27 KB)

How would you survive in freezing temperatures? See some of the animals that were alive during the last ice age and how they adapted for survival.
Ice Age gallery tour PDF (25KB)

As you walk around the Museum, see if you can spot other animals that live in rainforests. 
Rainforest gallery tour PDF (27 KB)

Go on a safari around the galleries.
Savannah gallery tour PDF (27KB)

Discover the stories behind Walter Rothschild's specimens.
Walter's Animals Gallery Tour PDF (30KB)

We have a variety of resources to support children and families with neurodiverse conditions.

Makaton-based gallery trails

Gallery trails

Our popular gallery trails can be bought from the shop for £1. 

  • ABC trail
    Suitable for children under 6
  • Walter and his animals
    Suitable for ages 6+

If you would like to draw in the galleries, please bring your own notebook and pencils.