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The Museum has world-leading expertise in the fields of entomology, zoology, mineralogy and molecular biology.

Our researchers and curators can offer identifications and expert advice on a wide variety of issues. Contact us to discuss your case and explore the ways that we can help you. 

Foreign bodies

Our experts can identify foreign bodies found in products including insects, bone fragments, feathers and teeth. By identifying the species they belong to, it is sometimes possible to identify the weak link in the supply chain and remedy the problem so that it doesn't occur again.

We work closely with drug companies, laboratories and food retailers and manufacturers to provide expert advice addressing specific problems in supply chain management. 

Crop pest and biological control

National government agencies, health authorities, universities and crop protection and biocontrol researchers  use our expertise to identify their most difficult pest specimens. We also work with their scientists on cutting-edge research that helps them to improve crop yields.

Pest control

We use both physical identification and DNA to help government agencies manage their pest control resources to the greatest effect. We can also advise on setting up your own DNA laboratories.

CITES identifications

We work with major auction houses, police and customs, art galleries, shipping companies and individuals to help identify CITES-listed material. This is necessary to apply for a license from DEFRA to export antiquities, or to check suspicious items found on our borders.

Our experts help to identify items such as tortoiseshell, snakeskin, crocodile skin, shagreen, coral, tropical shells and tropical butterflies. 

Expert witnesses

We provide expert witness and case-note analysis to legal professionals working on cases involving aspects of the natural world. This advice has proven invaluable and pivotal in securing acquittals and convictions.

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