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Beulah Garner with the beetle collection (Coleoptera)

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The Museum has the most comprehensive natural history collection in existence, with more than 80 million specimens acquired over hundreds of years. Our consultants have extensive experience of managing and curating this diverse collection.

We are a leading provider of training courses and consultancy services in collection management.

Our experts help researchers, curators and others develop high standards of stewardship and curatorial skills in their own institutions, with their own collections.

The Museum can help you with:

  • seminars, courses and individual tuition sessions in a range of collections-based and museum subjects, including identification, curation, conservation, collections management, education and exhibition design
  • identification of jewellery and auction items, advising the media, evaluation of publishers' materials, commercial loans, filming, use of images in advertising and publications
  • advising institutions, capacity development, technology transfer and peer review
  • data collections management, specialist curation and preservation, and other collections-based consultancy

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