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Agate specimen held at the Natural History Museum

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The Museum's mining consultancy is a recognised centre of excellence in mineral deposit research, with over twenty-five years' experience and in-house analytical facilities.

Mineralogy is essential to understanding the chemical and physical properties of ores, concentrates and wastes. Efficient and environmentally sustainable exploitation and waste management in mining operations depends on a full understanding of mineral abundance, chemistry and texture.

The Museum offers a range of specialised services to the mining and mineral exploration industries, including:

  • desk studies of regional geology and analysis of existing data sets
  • on-site geological evaluation of mineral deposits with follow-up laboratory studies
  • geological and mineralogical mapping at the deposit and regional scale
  • construction of bespoke geographical information systems
  • technical due diligence for mineral exploration projects
  • in-house short courses on mineral deposit types, utilising the Museum's extensive ore, mineral and petrological collection
  • mineralogical and geochemical characterisation of ore, alteration and gangue minerals

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