Dr Tim Ewin

Tim Ewin on Machu Piccu
  • Curator
  • Earth Sciences department
  • Invertebrates and Plants Division
Natural History Museum
Cromwell Road


Employment history

2008-present: Curator of Echinoderms and Bryozoa, the Natural history Museum 

2006-2008: Acting Curator of Geology, Bristol City Museum and Art Gallery, Queens Road, Bristol, BS8 1RL

2005-2006: Assistant Curator of Geology, Bristol City Museum and Art Gallery, Queens Road, Bristol, BS8 1RL

2000-2004: Undergraduate teaching assistant, University of Manchester, 



Postgraduate Certificate in Museums and Galleries Studies, University of St Andrews        2008 

PhD: Palaeobotany, University of Manchester (NERC funded with CASE Award from The Natural History Museum) 

MSc: Palynology. University of Sheffield (NERC funded). 

BSc (Hons): Geology Cardiff University

Professional Roles

Grants awarded

£5000 NHM special fund grant: Improving Access to the Ordovician Ladyburn Starfish bed collection.
£15000 Creative spaces grant for the display of British Dinosaurs from Dorset at Bristol City Museum Aand Art Gallery. 

External collaborations

Dr Aaron Hunter, University of Tokyo: Middle Jurassic Crinoids of Britain
Dr Steve Donovan, Dept. of Palaeontology, Nationaal Natuurhistorisch Museum: Palaeozoic Crinoids


President of the Bristol Naturalists Society Geological Section 2006-2008
Member of the Avon RIGS group 2005-2008
Palaeontological Association 2008-present

Guest lectures

2008 University of Bristol: Geological Curation
2008 Bristol Naturalists Society: The Westbury Pliosaur
2008 Bath Royal Scientific and Literary society: Scelidosaurus, the Charmouth Dinosaur
2009 Geological Society of London, Shell Lecture Series: Scelidosaurus, the Dorset Dinosaur

Shell Geology lecture series 2009 Tim Ewin presentation

2009 Lyme Regis Fossil Festival: Scelidosaurus, the Dorset Dinosaur
2010 Isle of White Geological Society: Scelidosaurus, the Charmouth Dinosaur



I am an professional, enthusiastic and systematic curator with 5 years experience of managing and providing access to large nationally important (designated) collections as well as conceiving and delivering major public outreach events and major public displays (both permanent and temporary). 

I have worked in many types of museums including local, regional and national organisations. I fully appreciate the major issues currently facing all museums and strive to ensure that my work address these. I am passionate about retaining knowledge of museum collections by museum staff and the increase use of collections in all museum work.

I am currently responsible for the fossil Echinoderm collections, including Echinoids, Asteroids, Ophiuroids, Crinoids and other smaller groups such as Carpoids, Cystoids, Blastoids, and Holothurians. My work currently centres around facilitating access to these collections, including documentation and digitisation of the type and figured collections as well as collections research.

I also have extensive experience of the Bristol City Museum and Art Gallery Geology collections and a good working knowledge of the geology collections held by museums in the SW of England.

Special projects

Palaeontology foyer displays: I am part of a team responsible for the displays within the Palaeontology foyer.

Public Enquiries: I am the departmental representative with regards to public enquiries and I am responsible for liasing with the NHM enquiries service in the Angela Marmont Centre (AMC) and coordinating all Palaeontological public enquiries which they are unable to deal with.

Departmental Loans: I am the departmental loans coordinator.

Courier: I am a fully trained natural history object courier. I have experience couriering objects (including CITES and historic documents) internationally whilst working on the recent Darwin exhibition (2009).

Field trip leader: I am involved with pilot studies for a proposed NHM field centre in Dorset.

Curatorial staff

I have experience of line managing a curatorial assistant as part of a funded project collections documentation project.

Extensive experience of managing volunteers (over 16 in total, many of which have gone on to relevant paid employment or further education)

I have assisted and led the organisation and delivery many public outreach events including behind the scene tours, fossil festivals and field trips.



Fossil Crinoids; Particularly from the Mesozoic era and the Devonian Period. Looking at their taxonomy, taphonomy and biology. Currently describing new Middle and upper Jurassic Crinoids

Palaeoecology, taphonomy and the history of collection and public display of the Dorset Dinosaur Scelidosaurus harrisonii


Palaeobotany: The structure and morphology of the leaf cuticle of Mesozoic conifers and its use at differentiating the various conifer families.


Species of the Day

Neocrinus decorus


Research Student Supervision

Marc Williams MSc Palaeobiology University of Bristol 2007-8. Cuticle Morphology in some British Mesozoic Conifers.


  • Donovan S. K. and Ewin T. A. M. ( 2010 ) Crinoid roots from the Upper Devonian of north Devon: morphology, function and systematics Proceedings of the Yorkshire Geological Society .
  • Dr Timothy A. M. Ewin ( 2010 ) Lower Lias Crinoids in; Field Guide to the Fossils of the Lower Lias of the Dorset Coast Palaeontological Association Field Guide Series .
  • Hunter, A. W., Oji, T., Ewin, T. A. M., and Kitazawa, K. ( 2010 ) A new species of the isocrinid crinoid Chariocrinus japonicus (Articulata, Echinodermata) from the Lower Cretaceous Takayama city district, central Japan Bulletin of the Mizunami Fossil Museum .
  • Hunter A. W. and Ewin, T. A. M. ( 2009 ) Two new Crinoid Obrution Lagerstatten from the Middle Jurassic (Bathonian) of the Cotswold Hills, England and their Palaeoecological Significance .
  • Ewin, T. A. M. ( 2007 ) Excavating fossils: an activity for a geology outreach event The Geological Curator 8 : .
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