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A community worker talks to adults about mass drug administration for soil-transmitted helminths in Zanzibar.© GSK

Browse the DeWorm3 protocols, standard operating procedures, training aids, case report forms, and consent forms.

Disclaimer: Content provided on this site contains the most recent version of the file. As the trial is ongoing, please check in regularly for updated SOPs.


The DeWorm3 Master protocol and the Master Implementation Science protocol are currently pending publication. A link will be provided when available. 


Standard operating procedures

SOPs/101-107 Site Readiness:

DeWorm3_SOP_101. Community Advisory Board [pdf, 2017_07_24]

DeWorm3_SOP_102. Implementation Science Advisory Board [pdf, 2017_07_24]

DeWorm3_SOP_103. Baseline stakeholder mapping [pdf, 2017_07_24]

DeWorm3_SOP_104. Pre-trial sensitisation [pdf, 2017_07_24]

DeWorm3_SOP_105. Study supplies procurement, ordering, storage, and inventory [pdf, 2017_07_24]

DeWorm3_SOP_106. Recruitment procedures [pdf, 2017_07_24]

DeWorm3_SOP_107. Creating site registries for populating SurveyCTO surveys [pdf, 2017_07_17]


SOPs/201-205 Census and cluster demarcation:

DeWorm3_SOP_201. Census informed consent [pdf, 2017_09_01]

DeWorm3_SOP_202. Administering the baseline census [pdf, 2017_09_01]

DeWorm3_SOP_204. Administering the school facility survey [pdf, 2017_09_01]

DeWorm3_SOP_205. Establishing cluster boundaries [pdf, 2017_09_01]


SOPs/801-811 Implementation Science:

DeWorm3_SOP_801. Participant selection for individual interviews [pdf, 2017_08_24]

DeWorm3_SOP_803. Individual interviews informed consent [pdf, 2017_08_24]

DeWorm3_SOP_804. Focus group discussions informed consent [pdf, 2017_08_24]

DeWorm3_SOP_805. Conducting focus group discussions [pdf, 2017_08_24]

DeWorm3_SOP_806. Conducting individual interviews [pdf, 2017_08_24]

DeWorm3_SOP_807. Participant selection for structural readiness survey [pdf, 2017_08_24]

DeWorm3_SOP_808. Conducting structural readiness surveys [pdf, 2017_08_24]

DeWorm3_SOP_809. Cluster selection for indepth process mapping [pdf, 2017_08_24]

DeWorm3_SOP_810. Conducting indepth process mapping [pdf, 2017_08_24]

DeWorm3_SOP_811. Conducting routine workflow tracking worksheets [pdf, 2017_08_24]

DeWorm3_SOP_812. Cost Collection [pdf, 2017_10_06]


SOPs/901-902 Data Management:

DeWorm3_SOP_902. Printing Household ID Barcodes [pdf, 2017_09_01]

Training aids

Files will be made available when finalised

Case report forms

Files will be made available when finalised

Consent forms