14 things to do this spring for adults

Pack away the hats and gloves, it's time to enjoy some springtime sunshine (or more likely, April showers) from March to May 2023.


Take a look at 14 reasons to stop hibernating on the sofa and pay us a visit.

1. See a giant up close

Step into the world of the magnificent titanosaur Patagotitan mayorum - one of the largest creatures to have ever walked the earth. 

Learn how Patagotitan mayorum stayed safe, found food and kept cool as you follow its journey from tiny egg to towering head and shoulders above other Cretaceous critters. 

Open now

2. Celebrate Audubon Day

It's Audubon Day on 26 April. Visit Images of Nature to see our free exhibition on John James Audubon and his book, Birds of America. 

In the Treasures gallery you can view one of the original plates from the valuable book.

From January 2023

3. Watch Prehistoric Planet

We know it isn't technically something you can do in the Museum, but for those who can't get to us this spring, it's the next best thing!

Travel back 66 million years to a time when lands, seas, and skies were ruled by prehistoric giants.

Titanosaur: Life as the Biggest Dinosaur is supported by Prehistoric Planet, Season 2 now streaming on Apple TV+

4. Discover inspirational women in science

This International Women's Day (8 March) take a guided tour of the first floor Hintze Hall balconies and the Minerals gallery and discover the fascinating work of women scientists past and present.

Free, advanced booking required

5. Find your zen

De-stress, connect with nature and improve your balance at this bright and early Tai Chi class. Practice beneath Hope the blue whale for a wellbeing experience among the treasures of the natural world.

Adults £25

6. Be inspired by the natural world

Marvel at some of the world's most breath-taking examples of wildlife photography, including a rare example of wren listening, a curious southern right whale and an unlucky brown bear, all at the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition. 

This year's images can also be viewed in our free online gallery.

7. Wish Sir David Attenborough a happy birthday

Raise a glass to the OG nature broadcaster, who is turning 97 this year. He won't actually be here on his birthday (8 May), but you can be guided around Hintze Hall's star specimens by the best voice in the biz, see an Attenborosaurus (an extinct marine reptile) or visit the gogotte in Lasting Impressions, donated in 2017 in honour of Sir David's ninetieth birthday.

Permanent, free

8. Start your day the roarsome way

Explore the Titanosaur: Life as the Biggest Dinosar as well as the Dinosaurs gallery before they open to the public with an Out-of-hours Titano Tour. Our knowledgeable guides will answer all of your questions while you get up close and personal with all the main characters in our world-famous Dinosaurs gallery.

Adults £25

9. Take part in an Art Highlights Tour

Take a guided tour of our Images of Nature gallery and see some of our most treasured artworks and archive items.

Our knowledgeable guides will explore the stories behind each exhibit and discuss how big issues relating to biodiversity and the environment can be addressed through art.

Free, booking required

10. Help fix Our Broken Planet

With the natural world in crisis, mining may seem far from a solution. But mining for new metals and minerals is vital to green technologies including solar panels, wind turbines and electric cars.

Discover how mining could help bring about a more sustainable future and learn what steps you can take to lead a more sustainable life.

11. Salute the Sun

Take a deep breath and stretch out under the blue whale at a morning yoga class hosted in collaboration with East of Eden. After a live gong bath to finish the session, explore the galleries before the Museum opens to the public.

Adults, £35

12. Celebrate mothers in nature

This display case contains a pair of swans caring for their young. This family of swans are posed as they would be in nature. The signet is resting on the mother's back. The cases were originally displayed in 1883 as part of an early exhibition. Of over 150 cases, only two survived World War II bombing.

See these swans at the end of the Birds gallery.

Permanent, free

13. Take cction for the planet

Join us for a free programme of inspiring workshops, panels and talks created in partnership with young people, for young people.

20-25 March 2023, Free

14. See an inkcredible squid

Meet Archie the 8.62-metre-long giant squid, Darwin's octopus and other specimens preserved in jars (or tanks), in a behind-the-scenes tour of our Zoology spirit building.

Various dates, £25, bookings essential