Street and park wildlife surveys

A man in a wooded area using binoculars to look at something

A range of UK wildlife surveys which can be done in your local park or even out on the street when you are on a walk.

Download the full list (PDF 1.4MB), or browse the highlights below.

Nature Recording Hub

Discover how to record the wildlife in your urban environment.

Street and park surveys sheet

Download the full list of street and park surveys for various species, including birds, mammals and trees.

Highlighted surveys

🐦 Swift Mapper


Report sightings of swifts and nest sites. Watch for groups of swifts flying fast at roof height, often making a screaming sound - this means they are breeding nearby.

The best time to look for swifts is from late May to late July, around dusk on warm evenings.

Equipment: None

🐦🐸 🌼🍄🐝🌳Nature's Calendar

Woodland Trust

Record a range of species to track the effects of weather and climate on wildlife.

Choose recording locations you can visit regularly and pick one or more species or events to record: these include amphibians, birds, flowers, fungi, grasses, insects, shrubs and trees.

Equipment: None

🦔 Mammal Mapper App

The Mammal Society

Mammal Mapper is a free app that has been designed to enable you to record signs and sightings of mammals in the UK.

Mammals can be recorded along a route whilst you’re walking, running or cycling. Or record one off sightings, for example a hedgehog in your garden.

Equipment: None

🍃 Biodiversity Survey - hedgerow survey method


A guide to surveying hedgerows with survey forms included. The survey involves looking at the structure and management of the hedge, the shrubs and invertebrates present, and any other signs of wildlife using the hedgerow.

Equipment: ID guides, tape measure, magnifier and a pale collecting container (such as a white tray or a dustpan and brush). A pooter and spy pot are optional.

Other collections of surveys and schemes