Nature Recording Hub

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Welcome to the Nature Recording Hub. Here you can discover how to record the wildlife in your urban environment, improving our understanding of UK habitats and how to protect and enhance them.

By taking part in surveys and recording schemes, you can contribute to scientific research and inform decisions on how to enhance biodiversity in towns and cities.

There are a host of schemes and resources offered by UK organisations that you can explore.

What is the Nature Recording Hub?

The hub will help you to:

  • Find out what surveys and recording schemes you can join throughout the year.
  • Learn how to identify different species and habitats using various guides and tools.
  • Share your records with websites and schemes that collect and use them for nature conservation.
  • Explore existing wildlife records for your local area or other parts of the UK, helping you plan your surveys or decide how to create or manage habitats.
  • Get guidance on how to improve habitats for biodiversity in general or for specific species.

How to get started

Choose and plan wildlife surveys based on your interests, your site and the season.

Getting started with wildlife monitoring

Find out what schemes you can take part in, whatever habitat you are interested in.

Year round survey calendar

Use our calendar to find surveys that suit your schedule and skill level.

Biological recording

How to record and share your observations, search online records and find local resources.

An introduction to biological recording

Learn how to make a biological record and where to report it.

How to share and explore wildlife records online

How to share your observations and explore existing records from various sources.

LERCs and how to get involved with them

How Local Environmental Records Centres collect and manage data on the wildlife in your area and how you can get involved.

Improving your local habitat for biodiversity

Explore a variety of strategies on enhancing habitats to promote overall biodiversity or to cater to the needs of particular species.

Ways to help your local wildlife

Discover practical ways to support local wildlife through habitat improvements in gardens, greenspaces, and balconies.

Where to go for more advice on helping wildlife

Looking to help your local wildlife? Many UK conservation and research organisations can offer great advice. 

Free online course: An Introduction to Urban Ecology

Would you like to learn more about the fascinating world of urban ecology?

Our free course is aimed at beginners with an interest in ecology in cities, how it can differ to that of the countryside and how we can monitor and work to improve biodiversity in urban areas.

Learn more with the Urban Nature Network

Do you want to learn more about monitoring wildlife and improving outcomes for nature in towns and cities in the UK? Perhaps you are a community gardener, a member of a ‘friends of’ group, wildlife interest group, or recording organisation. If so, the Urban Nature Network is for you.

We are a online community hosted by the Natural History Museum, and we aim to connect a wide range of individuals and organisations to share knowledge, best practice and provide support to members.

The resources in the Nature Recording Hub can only go so far in signposting survey methods, ID guides and actions you can take to help wildlife. Sometimes you need to talk to someone with some more experience to help you decide what to do for the wildlife in your area.

Sitting alongside the Nature Recording Hub, the Urban Nature Network aims to:

  • Connect a variety of people and organisations with each other to encourage joined-up working.
  • Encourage best practice by signposting resources and learning opportunities. 
  • Share case studies and ideas, including examples of habitat management / creation techniques. 
  • Host and promote networking and knowledge sharing events, both online and in person. 
  • Act as a forum to ask for advice.

How to join

The Network is a private online community and you can request to join here. If you have any questions, please email


The Nature Recording Hub is part of the Urban Nature Project. We thank all those who have generously contributed, including:

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