Community greenspace wildlife surveys

Two people examining leaf litter

A range of beginner surveys you could do to monitor biodiversity in your community garden, private garden, allotment or shared green space.

If your space has a pond, you can also browse our Pond surveys.

Download the full list (PDF 230KB), or browse the highlights below.

Nature Recording Hub

Discover how to record the wildlife in your urban environment.

Community greenspace surveys

Download the full list of surveys, split into one-off surveys and ones you repeat over a set period.

Highlighted surveys

One-off and ad-hoc surveys for those with a short amount of time to spare

🦇 Sunset Survey

Bat Conservation Trust

Spend an hour at dusk or dawn looking for bats and other nocturnal wildlife - in your garden, from your balcony or walking around your local area.

The survey can be done any time between April and October. You can submit your results online or by post.

Equipment: The survey form, pen, torch and a watch/phone.

Surveys for those with a little more time to spare

🐦Garden Birdwatch

British Trust for Ornithology

Send in weekly lists of garden birds and other wildlife using the resources in your garden. You can download recording forms and then upload your findings to an online system.

Equipment: You need to be able to identify at least a few garden birds.

There is a time commitment of a minimum of about 20 minutes a week.

🦔 Living with Mammals

People's Trust for Endangered Species

Record mammals, and their tracks and signs, you see in urban areas.

Choose a green space to survey (such as an allotment or park), but it needs to be within 200m of a building. The website includes identification guides and survey guidance.

Equipment: None required, however you could use a motion-sensor wildlife camera if you have access to one. This increases your chances of recording mammals, as they are usually most active when you are not there.

You can commit as much time as you like to this survey.

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