Molecular laboratories

Drawing of DNA


The laboratory facilities are available to Museum staff and associates, and training can be provided. Staffed by specialists in molecular biology, we carry out interdisciplinary research for all Museum departments.

We also provide a bespoke sequencing service, from extraction through to sequence analysis. ​We offer support for molecular diagnostics and characterisation of a wide variety of sample types and sources. Leveraging our extensive experience, we routinely and successfully extract and sequence DNA or RNA from the most difficult of samples. 

We offer a wide range of molecular services, from training and public engagement through to rapid commercial diagnostics, both clinical and environmental.



Piotr Cuber and Andie Hall use genome skimming and DNA barcoding to help curators identify a new species of moth. 

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Working in the Labs

Researchers from other institutions wishing to use our facilities should contact Science Administration. You will need funding and a letter of recommendation from your institute.






Our services

Our team are available for contract work and a full consultancy service including experimental design and technical capabilities. We offer automated pipeline processes for high-throughput projects, as well as small scale research.

  • Sample preparation from any tissue type or environmental sample
  • DNA and RNA sequencing- Sanger, Next-Generation (Illumina) and 3rd Generation (Nanopore)
  • Bioinformatics

Teaching and training

The lab team has a comprehensive variety of expertise and we are happy to provide training. Fees may apply.

We currently run training for:

  • undergraduate and post graduate courses
  • individual students and researchers (staff and visitors who are based or studying at the museum)