Main diagnostic characters

1. Gaster never petiolate, highly convex and with characteristic coarse, pitted sculpture (100%)
2. Stigmal vein very short (although sometimes with stigma very enlarged) so that apex of uncus almost touches anterior margin of forewing (100%)
3. Petiole strongly transverse, not distinct (99%)
4. Female with ovipositor not or hardly exserted, exserted part much shorter than abdomen (100%)
5. Body generally not very elongate about 1.1-6.7mm in length (100%)

Included taxa

The family currently includes 3 genera and 125 species. No subfamily classification has been proposed.

Ormyrus sp.
(Ormyrus sp.)


Many species of ormyrid are parasitoids of various gall-forming insects. They are known to attack cecidogenic cynipids, chalcids and Diptera, and a few may also parasitize phytophagous eurytomids in seeds (Boucek, 1977; Nieves Aldrey, 1984). In the tropics some species are known to be parasitoids of the inhabitants of galls on figs (Boucek et al., 1981).

There is no published information on the immature stages or mode of parasitism of any ormyrid species, but it is probable that they will be found to resemble the parasitic species of Torymidae.


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