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Who's afraid of the dark?

Explore some of nature's most extreme sensory adaptations with leading scientists from the Museum, and get a close-up look at Museum specimens and video footage from the field.

Science Communicator David Urry is joined by Museum ecologist Steph West, Senior Mammal Curator Louise Tomsett, and Physiology and Behaviour Expert Dr Robyn Grant, to talk about creatures that thrive at night.  

We'll answer questions such as:

  • Which mammal can sniff out a meal several miles away?
  • Which animal has eyes bigger than its brain?
  • What might the most perfectly adapted nocturnal mammal look like?
  • What are scientists learning about the way whiskered animals use their fine follicles?

You'll also meet Ken Greenway, Tower Hamlets' resident ecologist, for a night-time walk in the cemetery on the lookout for some of the borough's bats.

This #NHMLive program was broadcast at 17.30 BST on Wednesday 11 July 2018.