Beta testing at the Museum

We are continually working to improve the Museum's websites for our users.

We design and develop features, functionality and improvements to our websites in an iterative and dynamic way.

A 'beta' label means that we have released a newly developed digital product or functionality as a work in progress that will be reviewed and upgraded based on learnings from the test phase.

New products may not work as you would like them to. Your feedback will help us make improvements.

Once the testing phase is complete, the beta label is removed - though we continue to monitor the performance of products beyond this point and learn from our users' experiences.

Current activities

Biodiversity Trends Explorer

We're looking into how users can view and download the Biodiversity Intactness Index (BII) for an area. 

Extended captions

On our Wildlife Photographer of the Year site, we're trialling sharing ways that people can help the planet in the captions.

Share your feedback

We'd love to hear your feedback on the Museum's beta tests - it will help us to identify bugs and concerns, as well as features that you like. This will enable us to improve our current and future digital products.

Let us know what you think.