Practical activity: Healthy soil recipe

In this activity, students discuss the composition of healthy soil and prepare their own soil from various components. They then plant some quick-growing seeds to compare their mixture to natural soil.

Students appreciate that healthy soil cannot be quickly made and that it is created by natural processes and microorganisms over a long period of time..

  • Key Stage: KS3
  • Time required: 2 x 1 hours

About this resource

  • Resource type: practical classroom activity
  • Theme: Urban habitats

Learning outcomes

  • understand that soil is a mixture of organic matter, minerals, gases,liquids, and organisms that together support life
  • appreciate that soils can be degraded or improved by human activity
  • value the importance of healthy
  • Curriculum links

Materials required

  • soil recipe sheets (or students can make their own)
  • cloth soil-making bag
  • dead leaves and other plant material
  • pebbles
  • sand
  • water
  • hammer, rolling pin or mortar and
  • pestle
  • flowerpots
  • fast growing seeds(radish, grass, lettuce)

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