Activity: Drafting an urban nature act

In this activity, students are tasked with drafting a new set of laws to protect urban nature. First, they must highlight the major threats facing urban nature, and then come up with a law to try and mitigate each one. The new laws are then debated before being voted on.

This activity works well as a summative exercise after issues have been properly explored in other activities or lessons.

  • Key Stage: KS3
  • Time required: 60 min. Optional: extra research on current policies or issues threatening urban nature

About this resource

  • Resource type: classroom activity, analytical thinking, inquiry and investigative skills
  • Theme: Urban Habitats

Learning outcomes

  • To protect the environment and biodiversity
  • Appreciate that scientific evidence can help to inform new laws
  • Curriculum links

Materials required

  • marker pens and large sheets of paper
  • optional: print outs of current or case studies

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