Activity: Smog marshmallows

In this activity, students create molecule models using marshmallows to understand and explain how pollutants react to sunlight, forming smog.

  • Time required: One hour

About this resource

  • Resource type: classroom activity
  • Theme: Pollution

Learning outcomes

  • understand that smog is bad for human health
  • understand how smog is formed when pollutants from fossil fuels react with sunlight
  • demonstrate how smog is formed by modelling the molecular process
  • Curriculum links

Materials required

  • multi-coloured mini marshmallows (representing atoms)
    • white = oxygen
    • green = nitrogen
    • pink = carbon
  • toothpicks cut in half
  • a toy car or picture of a car for each group of three students
  • a toy Sun or picture of the Sun for each group of three students

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