The modern botanical illustration collection

Eelephant-eared saxifrage illustration

Bergenia cordifolia, elephant-eared saxifrage by Norma Gregory (2011)

The Library's modern botanical illustration collection is continually growing, as we complement our historical collection with work from the finest modern botanical artists.

Botanical illustration is the most popular genre of natural history illustration. Many botanical artists still work within the traditional sphere, illustrating scientific journals and popular literature, but a number have crossed over into  the fields of fashion and design, which continue to draw inspiration from natural patterns and images. 

Recent donations of works by Norma Gregory, Jessica Tcherepnine and Jean Webb sit alongside illustrations by artists such as Margaret Stones, Stella Ross-Craig, Claire Dalby and Olga Makrushenko.


Composition: Botanical illustrations

Authors/artists: Various including Jessica Tcherepnine, Jean Webb, Barbara Everard