X-ray diffraction

The X-ray diffraction facility comprises several state-of-the-art instruments used for phase identification, quantification and crystal structure analysis.

The laboratory can provide in-depth analysis expertise for a wide range of materials such as rocks, ores, sediments, meteorites, peats and soils, biominerals and nanomaterials. We can analyse single crystals and powders or materials on polished sections. Preparation labs are available for various pre-treatments of samples, including grinding powders and for clays, oriented mounts, glycol solvation, heating furnaces.

PDF-4 database from ICDD

The most recent PDF-4 database from ICDD is available for phase identification. In difficult cases of phase assignments we can compare data with standards from our huge mineral collection in the Museum. Standard minerals from the Museum collection are used for quantification of multi-phase mixtures and particular experiences for clay-bearing samples can be offered.

Na-Smectite dehydration

Na-Smectite dehydration