Enraf-Nonius Powder Diffraction Systems 120



The laboratory has three Enraf-Nonius Powder Diffraction Systems 120. Rapid data acquisition is achieved by using an INEL 120º curved position sensitive detector (PSD). The set up of each machine varies as follows

  • XRD-PSD2 – CuKa1 radiation – used for phase identification, phase quantification
  • XRD-PSD3 – CoKa1 radiation – used for phase identification, phase quantification, very well suited for iron bearing samples
  • GeniX High Flux Beam Delivery System – CuKa1/2 radiation – used with high-temperature stage (Anton Paar HTK10, 20-1600ºC) for monitoring phase transformations and reactions, very small samples possible (micro-to-milligrams, short data collection due to high-flux X-ray source)

Museum lead

Dr Jens Najorka

Key facts

Technique: X-ray diffraction