The Echinoid Directory

Key to the genera of Loveniidae

1a. Internal fasciole (yellow) present, crossing paired ambulacra between the apical disc and the petal end.

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1b. No fasciole bisecting the petals.

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2a. Peripetalous fasciole present bounding the ends of the petals in addition to internal fasciole.

2b. No peripetalous fasciole bounding the ends of the petals.

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3a. Inner fasciole closer to outer ends of petals than apical disc, with well-developed pore pairs present both inside and outside the fasciole.
3b. Pore-pairs rudimentary inside inner fasciole, so that petal pore-pairs are restricted to zone outside the inner fasciole.
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4a. Petals well-developed, forming near continuous arc laterally.

4b. Petals only weakly developed and not forming lateral arc.


5a.Anterior column of pores in anterior petal microscopic.


5b. Anterior column of pore-pairs developed in distal part of petals.

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6a. Sternal plates tuberculate only in posterior region. Anterior petals narrow and subparallel.


6b. Sternal plates fully tuberculate. Petals oviously tapered distally.