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Macroglenes gramineus (Haliday, 1833)

[ Pteromalidae : Pireninae ]

Macroglenes graminae (Haliday)
Narendran, T.C.; Sureshan, P.M.; Girish Kumar, P.; Santhosh, S. (2004), A new species and a new record of the genus Macroglenes Westwood (Hymenoptera: Pteromalidae) from India. Zoos' Print Journal 19(12) pp. 1704-1705    
Misspelling of species group name Macroglenes graminea (Haliday) (page 1705)
Macroglenes graminea (Haliday)
Askew, R.R.; Blasco-Zumeta, J.; Pujade-Villar, J. (2001), Chalcidoidea and Mymarommatoidea (Hymenoptera) of a Juniperus thurifera L. forest of Los Monegros region, Zaragosa. Monografias Sociedad Entomológica Aragonesa 4:21
(Earliest use of name recorded in this database)
Macroglenes gramineus (Haliday)
Morley, C. (1910), Catalogue of British Hymenoptera of the family Chalcididae pp. 74pp London     view   () in PDF format
New combination for Pirene graminea Haliday (page 27)
Doganlar, M. (2018), Species of Macroglenes Westwood, 1832 (Hymenoptera: Pteromalidae, Spalangiinae) from Turkey, with description of a new species. Entomofauna 39(1) pp. 317-324    
Compared with Macroglenes fidanlinensis Doganlar (page 320)
Macroglennes gramineus (Haliday)
Mitroiu, M.-D. (2008), Checklist of the Romanian species of Pteromalidae (Hymenoptera: Chalcidoidea). Analele Stiintifice ale Universitatii "Al. I. Cuza" Iasi (Biologie Animala) 54 pp. 7-23     view   () in PDF format
Misspelling of genus name Macroglenes gramineus (Haliday) (page 10)
Pirene graminea Haliday
Haliday, A.H. 1833, An essay on the classification of the parasitic Hymenoptera, etc. (Continued) Entomological Magazine 1(4):338     view Haliday, A.H.  (1833) in PDF format
New species , Ireland (north and south)