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show families in superfamily <Serphitoidea> Serphitoidea
show families in superfamily <Mymarommatoidea> Mymarommatoidea
hide families Chalcidoidea
hide genera Signiphoridae
hide species Signiphora
show synonyms of <Signiphora aleyrodis> aleyrodis Ashmead
show synonyms of <Signiphora aspidioti> aspidioti Ashmead
bennetti Woolley and Dal Molin
show synonyms of <Signiphora bifasciata> bifasciata Ashmead
biloba Woolley and Dal Molin
borinquensis Quezada, DeBach and Rosen
brachyptera Woolley and Dal Molin
show synonyms of <Signiphora citrifolii> citrifolii Ashmead
show synonyms of <Signiphora coleoptrata> coleoptrata (Kerrich)
show synonyms of <Signiphora coquilletti> coquilletti Ashmead
curepensis Woolley and Dal Molin
show synonyms of <Signiphora dipterophaga> dipterophaga Girault
dozieri Woolley and Dal Molin
ehleri Woolley and Dal Molin
ensifera Woolley and Dal Molin
falcata Woolley and Dal Molin
show synonyms of <Signiphora fasciata> fasciata Girault
show synonyms of <Signiphora fax> fax Girault
show synonyms of <Signiphora flavella> flavella Girault
show synonyms of <Signiphora flavopalliata> flavopalliata Ashmead
show synonyms of <Signiphora frequentior> frequentior (Kerrich)
show synonyms of <Signiphora giraulti> giraulti Crawford
hyalinipennis Girault
jojobae Woolley and Dal Molin
longiclava Girault
longitibia Woolley and Dal Molin
show synonyms of <Signiphora lutea> lutea Rust
maculata Girault
show synonyms of <Signiphora magniclavus> magniclavus (Dozier)
maxima Girault
show synonyms of <Signiphora merceti> merceti Malenotti
show synonyms of <Signiphora mexicana> mexicana Ashmead
noacki Ashmead
show synonyms of <Signiphora perpauca> perpauca Girault
plaumanni Woolley and Dal Molin
show synonyms of <Signiphora polistomyiella> polistomyiella Richards
show synonyms of <Signiphora pulcher> pulcher Girault
rectrix Girault
renuncula Woolley and Dal Molin
rhizococci Ashmead
tridentata Woolley and Dal Molin
tumida De Santis
hide synonyms unifasciata Ashmead
Chartocerus unifasciata (Ashmead)
Signiphora unifasciata Ashmead
Thysanus unifasciatus (Ashmead)
show synonyms of <Signiphora xanthographa> xanthographa Blanchard
show synonyms of <Signiphora zosterica> zosterica (Kerrich)

NB: This list represents valid Chalcidoid taxa. Family- and genus-group synonyms are not included.