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show families in superfamily <Serphitoidea> Serphitoidea
show families in superfamily <Mymarommatoidea> Mymarommatoidea
hide families Chalcidoidea
hide genera Mymaridae
hide species Ooctonus
albiclavus Huber
aphrophorae Milliron
arizonensis Huber
boltei Huber
canadensis Whittaker
capensis Huber
clebschi Huber
flavipodus Subba Rao
fuscipes Whittaker
show synonyms of <Ooctonus hemipterus> hemipterus Haliday
himalayus Subba Rao
huberi Bai, Jin and Li
infuscatus Huber
hide synonyms insignis Haliday
Ooctonus austriacus Soyka
Ooctonus elegantissimus Soyka
Ooctonus insignis Haliday
Ooctonus isotomus Mathot
Ooctonus major Foerster
Ooctonus silvestris Soyka
kokozai Triapitsyn
lapen Triapitsyn
lokomotiv Triapitsyn
nigrotestaceus Subba Rao
show synonyms of <Ooctonus notatus> notatus Walker
show synonyms of <Ooctonus novickyi> novickyi Soyka
occidentalis Whittaker
orientalis Doutt
quadricarinatus Girault
readae Huber
saturn Triapitsyn
silvensis Girault
sinensis Subba Rao
spartak Triapitsyn
show synonyms of <Ooctonus sublaevis> sublaevis Foerster
tretiakovi Triapitsyn
triapitsyni Huber
us Triapitsyn
show synonyms of <Ooctonus vulgatus> vulgatus Haliday
woolleyi Huber
zolnerowichi Huber

NB: This list represents valid Chalcidoid taxa. Family- and genus-group synonyms are not included.