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show families in superfamily <Serphitoidea> Serphitoidea
show families in superfamily <Mymarommatoidea> Mymarommatoidea
hide families Chalcidoidea
hide genera Mymaridae
hide species Alaptus
ah Girault
andersoni Ferriere
animus Girault
antennatus Kryger
apterus Girault
aureus Girault
show synonyms of <Alaptus australiensis> australiensis Girault
show synonyms of <Alaptus bidentatus> bidentatus Girault
deccanensis Anwar and Zeya
delhiensis Mani
eriococci Girault
fructuosus Meunier
show synonyms of <Alaptus fusculus> fusculus Walker
show synonyms of <Alaptus globosicornis> globosicornis Girault
huberi Triapitsyn
show synonyms of <Alaptus iceryae> iceryae Riley
show synonyms of <Alaptus immaturus> immaturus Perkins
inciliatus Girault
indicus Anwar and Zeya
jowainus Rehmat and Anis
klonx Triapitsyn
longicaudatus Lou, Cao and Lou
magnanimus Annandale
show synonyms of <Alaptus minimus> minimus Westwood
minutus Dozier
muelleri Girault
show synonyms of <Alaptus newtoni> newtoni Girault
nowickii Ghesquiere
oh Girault
show synonyms of <Alaptus pallidicornis> pallidicornis Foerster
plih Triapitsyn
pusillus Girault
pygidialis Ogloblin
pyronus Anwar and Zeya
quadratus Girault
ramamurthyi Anwar and Zeya
santetrapsi Triapitsyn
show synonyms of <Alaptus schmitzi> schmitzi Soyka
show synonyms of <Alaptus stammeri> stammeri Soyka
terebrans Kryger

NB: This list represents valid Chalcidoid taxa. Family- and genus-group synonyms are not included.